Health and Fitness Articles

Nick Nilsson

What to do When You Don't Have Time to Exercise
Target Focus Self-Defence Training Review

Alex Eriksson

The Surprising Fitness and Health Benefits of Chocolate
Collagen Protein: The Not-So-Secret Ingredient to Looking and Feeling Younger
Boosting Your Athletic Performance With CBD Oil
BUTEA SUPERBA: The Herb that can Keep You Looking and Feeling like a Man for Years
Black Ginger: A Rare Metabolic and Nitric Oxide Booster
Recover Faster From Injuries, Naturally

Reda El

8 Epic Multivitamin Benefits and Reasons to Use Them


Jesse Cannone

How to Get Rid of Sciatic Pain Naturally

Chris Gronkowski

Energy-Rich Foods to Eat Between Meal Replacement Shakes

David Dack

7 Bodyweight Butt Exercises You Can Do At Home

Sean Ward

Why You Need Good Fats In Your Diet

Alice Mackenzie

How a Massage Heals Sore Muscles

Edgar James

Stupid Fitness Myths We Need To Be Done With

Henry Veno

How to Combat Depression with Aerobic Exercise and Meditation

Sarah Jones

Improve Your Fitness By Improving Your Sleep Health
Is Coffee Good For Your Health?

Jane Sandwood

How Fitness and Sleep Go Hand-in-Hand
Fitness At Any Age: How Senior Men Can Safely And Effectively Build Muscle
Creating a Green Fitness Routine
The Secret To Forming A Fitness Habit
Six Types Of Cardio That Don’t Involve Running
Stop Trying to Out Train a Bad Diet
Staying Fit and Healthy on Vacation is Easier Than You Think
A Quick Guide to Balancing Diet and Exercise
Finding Time to Exercise Amidst A Busy Schedule
How to Improve Fitness When You Have Arthritis
Why Prevention Is Better Than Treatment
Don’t Let Arrhythmia Stand in the Way of Your Fitness
Home Exercises To Try If You Have Limited Mobility
How Can Your Environment Affect Your Health and Fitness?
Maximize Your Workout With Man’s Best Fitness-Friend
Top Fitness Apps to Take You to Higher Ground
Evolving Sneakers and Their Link To Weight Loss
How Meditation Can Enhance Your Athletic Performance
How Does Poor Sleep Affect Your Sports Performance?
How A Low-Carb Diet Will Help You To Lose Abdominal Fat
How Coffee Can Affect Your Health and Fitness
Brain-Boosting Fitness Routine For Better Brain Health

Ryan @ FitnessGoals

The Best Glutes Exercises For Men And Women

Matthew Foster

Cardio For People With Knee Problems

Mike Jones

6 Tips for Losing Weight after Pregnancy

Amanda Wilks

5 Sports That Give You A Full-Body Workout and Help You Stay Fit

Chris Hoffman

Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Swim Workout
5 Health Conscious Additions For Your Home
6 Ways Swimming in Saltwater Pools Benefit Your Health

Joe Humphries

When to Get Your Family Member to the Gym

Ally Siegel

My Journey to a Better Body Through Squats

Jason Hamilton

10 Motivational and Inspirational Tattoo Ideas for Fitness

Ryan Varela

8 Beneficial Reasons to Exercise at Night

Jessica Stafford

Can Exercise Be Bad For Your Dental Health?

Areyo Dadar

6 Amazing Ways Exercise Makes You Gorgeous

Lachlan Malone

7 Actionable Habits For Men to Follow Daily to Get a Glow On Your Face


Wanna Glow Your Skin? Why Don’t You Exercise?
How Mindfulness Will Help You to Boost Your Muscle Building

Stella Evans

7 Ways to Recover from Travel Fatigue

No Credited Author

How to Stay Healthy While Travelling [Infographic]
7 Tips for Building Muscle in College



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