Creating a Green Fitness Routine

By Jane Sandwood


Your workout might be keeping you in good shape, but what is it doing to our planet? 

Though most of us don’t think about it much, our daily workout routine can leave a significant impact on the environment. Luckily, it’s easier than you might think to upgrade your workout. Here are some eco-friendly tips that can help you to keep your fitness routine clean and green, whether you’re a seasoned expert or just starting out.


Ditch the Equipment

Powering on treadmills, ellipticals, and other large gym equipment takes a lot of energy. You can save on your energy bill, save the environment, and even get some fresh air by taking your workout outside. Hiking, running, biking, and more are all good cardiovascular exercises to take to the streets and beyond. The natural path of wild terrain will give you just as good a workout as any treadmill, if not better. 

Walking Outside for Green Workouts

Strength training can also be done outdoors. Simply grab a mat and some free weights to train in your garden, in the park, or elsewhere. Nature can be a calming presence when you work out, helping to improve your state of mind and relax your body. Exercising outside can be particularly helpful for Pilates and yoga routines.


Reuse Your Water Bottle

Gym-goers tend to produce a lot of waste, especially in the form of plastic water bottles. While disposable bottles are convenient, they take up a significant amount of space in landfills, and most don’t break down for decades. If you like to bring a little something to drink with you when you work out, it’s best to invest in a reusable water bottle made of aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, or other insulating materials. This will not only cut back on your waste but also keep your drink cooler for longer


Choose Sustainable Supplies

The push to go green isn’t just limited to environmentally conscientious Samaritans. High profile companies are also getting in on the trend, including top fitness brands. You can find workout clothing produced using recycled fabrics or even water bottles, as well as gear made of biodegradable materials such as TPE. After your workout has finished, reduce your impact on the environment by showering with eco-friendly brands – you could use chemical-free hair products and an all-natural soap which is great for both your skin and the planet.


These days, it’s easier than ever to reduce your carbon footprint while working out. By changing your exercise habits just a little bit, you can continue to work out guilt-free with the knowledge that your routine isn’t having a negative impact on the environment.



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