10 Motivational and Inspirational Tattoo Ideas for Fitness

By Jason Hamilton

The key to achieving your fitness goals is consistency.

However, truth be told, we often get a little impatient waiting for the result of our workout routine. But we shouldn't. At times when you're starting to give up on your workout routine, find some motivation. One of the ways to have more inspiration is by having motivational tattoo designs.

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An encouraging fitness tattoo on the forearm (source)


This type of tattoo will definitely help you a lot in achieving your goal, be it in fitness or in any other facet. But what kind of tattoo design should you use as a motivational tattoo for your fitness goal?


Inspirational Workout Tattoo Ideas

1. Weights Tattoo

Fitness Tattoo Ideas

A barbell and kettlebell tattoo on fingers (source)

When we think of a symbol that will represent fitness and health, an image of weights always comes first. This is because we often use it in the gym. In addition to that, weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells are literal representations of physical strength. These kinds of workout tattoo ideas will always remind you that it's time to hit the gym.


2. Yoga Tattoo

Colorful chakra forearm tattoos (source)

Working out is neither just about lifting weights nor treadmill running but it can be about yoga too. Thus, a yoga tattoo can be one of workout tattoo ideas that you can use too. Yoga tattoos have a wide variety. Some of which are the OM symbol, mandala, moon, hamsa, and the chakras. These type of tattoo designs are associated with the practices and disciplines of yoga such as the mental, physical, and spiritual practices.


3. Quote Tattoo

A mind over matter wrist tattoo (source)


There's nothing more motivational and inspirational than words. They aren't just attention-grabbing but they also contain meanings that will enlighten anyone who will read it. With a quote tattoo, you can also choose a font that will make it even more aesthetically pleasing. A quote tattoo is also versatile. You can add it to any other tattoo designs, especially the symbols related to fitness, to inspire you even more.


4. Warrior Tattoo

Thomas Carli Jarlier, Noire Ink Tattoo, Clermont Ferrand, France

A realistic samurai tattoo (source)

Warriors are disciplined and are trained very well. With this, they are able to increase the efficiency of their work. A warrior's discipline also pushes them to their physical and mental levels.

That said, a warrior tattoo will always inspire you to do better every day as you workout because if they can push themselves to their limit, you'll be reminded by this tattoo that you can do it too. One of the types of warrior tattoos that you can use as a motivational tattoo idea is the samurai tattoo. They are considered one of the greatest and most disciplined warriors in history. Wouldn't this type of tattoo inspire you to push yourself beyond your limit?


5. Anchor Tattoo

Watercolor Anchor Tattoo On Forearm

A watercolor anchor tattoo (source)

Anchor tattoos aren't just for sailors. Contrary to what many people believe, an anchor tattoo can also mean stability and strength. Many associate anchor tattoos with passion and determination as well. These kinds of representations make the anchor tattoo as one of the best workout tattoo ideas too.


6. Dragon Ball Tattoo

A tattoo of Vegeta and Goku on the calf (source)

Yes, you've read it right. A Dragon Ball anime tattoo isn't just for the anime fans but it can also work as a motivational tattoo for your fitness goals. This is because the anime is centered on being motivated to accomplish their goal - and that is to save the world and find the seven dragon balls to revive someone. Wouldn't it be nice to be reminded by the characters' determination too?


7. Heart and Weights Tattoo

Barbell and heart tattoo (source)

We all know that weights are what we often use to symbolize fitness. However, what many people don't know is that the heart tattoo isn't just a symbol of love. Apparently, the heart symbol has a broader meaning than what many of us know. You can use it as a representation of your passion and can also represent life, our thoughts, our overall emotions, as well as our intentions. Thus, adding it to a weights tattoo will make it even more meaningful.

8. Martial Art Tattoo

Muay Thai Tribal – Dan’s Ink Tattoo

A Muay Thai tattoo (source)

Many of us know that martial arts can be both a sport and a form of self-defense. But what many people don't know is that it is also a good form of workout. There are some gyms that permit their students to study martial arts without sparring.

Muay Thai is one of the martial arts that works as a killer workout too. This kind of tattoo will not just show your love for martial arts but it could also work as a motivational and inspirational tattoo as well, especially in days when you just feel lazy.


9. Lion Tattoo

hyper-realistic lion tattoo

A realistic lion tattoo (source)

We all know that the lion is the king of the jungle. This is because of the lion's raw power and strength. Additionally, they don't fear other animals. Thus, they are a symbol of power, strength, and courage. Since they fear no other animal, you can take such trait to keep going and train like a beast too. With a lion tattoo, you'll surely feel more motivated to improve your strength and feel more empowered.


10. Popeye Tattoo

Popeye Tattoo

A Popeye forearm tattoo (source)

Popeye the Sailor Man has taught us many lessons. One of which is to eat healthy so that we'll be as strong as he is whenever he eats his spinach. In real life, while lifting weights and doing other exercise routines will help us get fit, everything won't matter much if we don't eat healthily too.

Thus, having Popeye as a motivational and inspirational tattoo will always remind us to always eat clean so our efforts in lifting weights and doing other fitness routines won't be put to waste.



Being physically fit is important yet it can be quite draining and uninteresting. For that reason, we always need something that will keep us motivated and inspired. These tattoo designs are some of the things that will always remind us of our goals.

Author Bio

Jason has been an avid fan of tattoos for over 13 years now. He is currently 35 years old, and he got his first tattoo at the age of 22. Since then, he has added over 20 tattoos to his collection. He is also into writing, which is why he decided to celebrate both of his passion and hobby through tats ‘n’ rings. Jason dreams of having his very own tattoo parlor soon. Jason would be very happy to answer any questions about tattoos that you may have! Leave a comment below and he’ll answer it for you right away!



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