8 Epic Benefits of Multivitamins

By Reda El
Shredded Physique


Optimal health should ideally be at the top of everybody’s list of priorities in one way or another, yet sadly, for various reasons, it isn’t.

Some people, especially those that are younger, think that they’re indestructible and that they’ll live forever. Other people are simply too lazy, and some people are just too stubborn.

Whatever your reasons may be, if you’re guilty of neglecting your health, at some point or another, it will catch up with you and you will have to pay the price.

In terms of looking after yourself, most experts agree that you should ideally begin with a regular exercise regime, along with a healthy and balanced diet.

8 Epic Benefits of Multivitamins

However, more and more experts also agree that regular supplementation could also prove extremely beneficial, which is why the supplement industry is currently thriving.

There are many types of supplement currently on the market, with each one providing its own unique advantages and benefits. In terms of overall health and well-being, however, you simply cannot beat multivitamins.

Multivitamins benefits out shadow the benefits of other vitamins and health supplements, because, well, the supplements provide a healthy combination of different varieties.

Here’s a look at several reasons why you should seriously consider adding a multivitamin to your daily diet.


#1 Cooking healthy foods destroys nutrients

Some people are under the impression that, if they eat a healthy and balanced diet, and consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, all of which are full of vitamins and minerals, that they don’t need extra supplements. In reality, however, as many of these foods, especially vegetables, need cooking, that once they get eaten, they have lost a considerably large amount of the nutrients they originally contained.

Cooking vegetables, for example, can reduce the overall nutrient contents by as much as 30%.

By taking a multivitamin however, you are able to ensure that you are getting more than 100% of the recommended daily intake of these nutrients, in handy and convenient supplement form.


#2 They’re convenient

Another one of the many multivitamin benefits that people often overlook, and one which we touched upon previously, is the fact that multivitamins are so useful and convenient.

In order to get enough fresh vitamins and minerals from whole foods, you would need to eat a lot of whole foods, which would be expensive, and would take a long time.

With multivitamins however, you simply have to swallow one tablet and that’s pretty much it, you’re then good to go for the rest of the day.

Multivitamins contain more than 100% of your RDI of various vitamins and minerals, meaning that you can get exactly what you need by simply swallowing one tablet per day.

Not everybody has the time or the money to cook and prepare heaps of fresh fruits and vegetables each day, but nobody can honestly say that they don’t have the time to swallow one tablet per day.


#3 They boost the immune system

Another very good reason to take a multivitamin supplement each day, is the fact that multivitamins have been proven to help strengthen and boost the immune system.

The immune system provides protection against illness and disease, and it helps to ensure that, if you do become ill, that you make a much quicker recovery and that you don’t suffer as much.

The stronger the immune system, the healthier the person, and vice versa.

The immune system thrives on vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, many of which are found naturally within multivitamin supplements.

By taking a multivitamin each day, you are feeding and nourishing your immune system, which in turn, will help to keep you fit, healthy, and happy.

Not only will you be able to ward off and prevent common illnesses like colds, but on top of that, you will also be able to help protect yourself against more serious illnesses and ailments, including cancer.


#4 They help to increase energy levels

Many vitamins that we require each day, actually play a vital role in the various metabolic processes required for energy production.
Out of the many multivitamin benefits we’ll be looking at today, for anybody struggling to find the energy and motivation required to get off their butt and do some exercise, this next benefit is perhaps the most relevant.

Multivitamins for example, are often enriched with B-complex vitamins, which are essential for natural energy production within the body.

By getting enough of these vitamins, the metabolism is able to kick into a higher gear, which means that not only do you have more energy, but you will also burn more calories in order to generate said energy, so you’ll find it easier to lose weight in the process.

Nobody wants to go through the day feeling tired and worn out, and thanks to multivitamins, nobody will have to.


#5 They help to boost muscle strength

One of the multivitamin benefits that people tend to overlook, is the fact that they can assist with muscle growth and muscle strength in the process, especially as we grow older.

You see, as we grow older, we find that our muscles begin to hypertrophy, and they become weaker and unhealthier, as a result of oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

Multivitamins, however, not only destroy and prevent free radicals within the body, but on top of that, the vitamins, especially vitamin D, can actually help to increase muscle repair rates and can increase muscle strength in the process.


#6 They improve your appearance

Generally, when you see people that consume a diet rich in unhealthy processed foods, sugar, trans fats, alcohol, and other unhealthy ingredients, you’ll find that they generally look unwell.

Their skin will be pale and blotchy, it may be dry or oily, their hair will be dry, and their faces will look tired and wrinkled.

People that consume diets full of unhealthy junk often look old before their time, which is not very nice.

For people who get plenty of exercise and consume plenty of nutrients, however, the opposite is true, as they actually look younger and healthier.

Multivitamins help nourish the skin cells and give the skin a healthy glow, plus the antioxidants also help to strengthen and boost skin cell production rates.

They also assist with collagen formation and improve elasticity within the cells, helping to keep skin looking firmer and fuller.


#7 They keep your brain healthy

Another major benefit of multivitamins, is the fact that they have been found to help to assist with brain health and function, helping to keep it healthy and firing on all cylinders.
Studies have found that regular supplementation with a multivitamin, can help to improve cognitive function and can improve both short, and long, term memory levels as well.
What’s more, the nutrients can also help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other degenerative diseases later on in life.


#8 They improve organ health and function

Our major organs also require vitamins and minerals in order for them to function at their best, which is where multivitamin supplements really come into their own.

These supplements have been found to assist with organ health and function, meaning that everything inside of our bodies works and functions as it should.

This means that the kidneys, the liver, the pancreas, the heart, the brain, the lungs, and everything else, will all work correctly, meaning that we become fitter and healthier by default.

Author Bio

My name is Reda El, fitness fanatic and entrepreneur, and also BJJ blue Belt, I've gathered both my experience and the information I've read throughout these years on my website Shredded Physique and my other site OnSteroidsLab.com


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