DMoose Arm Blaster Review

The Arm Blaster is designed to allow you to better isolate the biceps when doing curls (barbell or dumbbell).

Arnold made this piece of equipment famous with pics like this one...

The Arm Blaster is a curved, solid piece of metal designed to sit in front of the abdomen and then behind the elbows in order to prevent excess movement during the curl.

It's a very simple concept to basically force you to use better form when curling.


Learn More About the DMoose Arm Blaster Here


What Is An Arm Blaster?

The design is very simple...

It has three convex in front for the abdomen and two concave curves where the upper arms brace.

Then it has a strap (or straps, depending on the design) that loops over your shoulders or back of your neck to keep the piece from falling down.

In terms of positioning, it should sit on the upper abdomen, just below your chest. The exact position depends on the length of your upper arms. I found when using myself that I preferred a higher position than what you'll see Arnold using in the picture above. That could be because I have shorter upper arms.

It's something you can adjust for best fit as you play around with it.

Then grab a barbell with a fairly wide grip and curl.

Your grip on the bar should allow your elbow joints to hinge straight up and down without any lateral torque.

Use a controlled fast curling. Focus on tension.

And DON'T let the strap around the back of your neck pull your head forward. You're not resting your upper arms ON the Arm Blaster and pushing down on it, you're bracing them AGAINST the Arm Blaster, backwards.

I actually prefer to use dumbbells with the Arm Blaster for a more natural movement.

Again, use a controlled movement for your curls when using the Arm Blaster for dumbbell curls.


Any Negatives?

There are several issues that I have with every Arm Blaster that I've ever used...this one is no exception. It's not issues with this unit in particular, though.

The DMoose Arm Blaster is built with solid steel and won't bend or break unless you specifically try to bend or break it. It has good high-density foam passing on the ends for the arms...not squishy, but enough to give you a bit of padding.

It's a quality piece of training equipment.


The negatives I've found with Arm Blasters just in general are...

1. The straps can pull you forward, if you let them. So the key is don't let them. It's easily avoidable as long as you make it a point not to allow it to happen.

2. When coming down into the bottom, you MUST keep good control of the weight (which you should anyway). Because the Arm Blaster braces the elbow from behind, there is the potential for elbow joint hyperextension if you allow the weights to drop into the bottom position.

3. The curves don't curve back as much as I'd like them to, keeping the arms pushed forward during the curl. Ideally, I'd like to see one that allows you to keep the upper arms more vertical. This is something that I've never seen in ANY Arm Blaster, though, so it's not specific to this one.

So basically, the solution to two of the problems is just don't do the things that could cause the problems. It's really that simple!



The DMoose Arm Blaster is a well-made piece of training equipment. It's a very effective version of the standard Arm Blaster and will absolutely help you increase bicep muscle isolation and growth, when used correctly.

Learn more about the DMoose Arnm Blaster and get yours here.



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