Body Sculpting For Women

Guest Article By Belinda Benn
Author of the "Get Lean Program


Imagine it…

A flat stomach. Shapely thighs. Tank-top-worthy arms. A body that can turn heads on the beach - no matter what your age.

I know, you've thought about this before. You wondered if it's possible. It is -- when you use body sculpting to get the look you want.
One quick note: You need to pair your body-sculpting workout with a good diet. This means eating wholesome foods, including good sources of carbohydrates, proteins and essentially fatty acids. And you need to use this clean diet to help you shed the fat so that you can see the beautiful muscles that you're sculpting.

How to Have a Young-Looking Body at Any Age

Now let's take a quick look at three problem areas and what you can do about them…

Tighten Your Stomach

As mentioned, you need to use a good diet (and cardio) program to shed the fat to reveal your abs. But once you start burning the fat, you want to see some definition.

Now, the key to this is to use complete core exercises that involve balance and rotation. That's because it will stimulate, shape and develop the deeper layers of the abdominal region.

Bottom line: Doing tons of crunches won't get you the results you want. Instead, it will just make you hate crunches. So use your bodyweight at first and later add weight to add resistance, which will help build those ab muscles to create the definition you're seeking.


Get Rid of Under-Arm Sagginess

Do you have problems with flabby triceps (the underside of your upper arm)? If so, the first key is to shed the fat using diet and cardio. Then you can tone and tighten this area using:

  • Triceps dips. This is where you sit on a bench or chair with your hands at your side (shoulder width apart), palms flat on the seat, fingers pointing forwards. Now you raise and lower your body off the chair using your arms, paying particular attention to your triceps.

  • Close-grip bench press. Instead of doing a bench press with your hands positioned at shoulder's width, bring your hands together on the barbell. Then perform the bench press as usual, being sure to use mind-muscle activation to ensure you're using fully using your triceps for the lift.


Lift Your Butt and Shape Your Thighs

Here are two good exercises for this problem area:

  • Lunges. This is where you take a step forward, letting the knee of your back leg touch the floor. Then pull this leg back and do the same thing with your other leg. You can start this exercise as a body weight exercise and add weights later as you become more conditioned.

  • Step ups: This is where you step up onto a box, bench or chair. As you get more fit, add more weight to make this exercise more challenging.

In all cases, remember that if you're able to do more than 15 reps in a row, then you need to change the technique you are using by varying the angle and body position. You can also add weight as needed or do more challenging exercises, both of which will force your muscles to work harder - and that means you'll stimulate the lifting and toning that turns your body from shapeless mass to sexy curves!


Belinda Benn...Author of the "Get Lean Program"


It's not about being just's not necessarily even about being fit.

It's about creating that magic combination of being strong, fit, healthy and sexy. When you do this, you also create a confidence you never knew you had.

Belinda has put together a program that tells you exactly how she did it and how YOU can do it, too.

It's called "Get Lean" and in it, she'll show you how to build an amazingly lean, strong, fit and sexy body. She'll show you how to get your confidence back. She'll show you how to get your joy back.

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