Is Spot Reduction Weight Loss Real or Not?


I have heard that there is no such thing as target weight loss. Is this true and if so what do you do about problem areas?

I also have a problem with arm jiggle if you have a remedy for that I would greatly appreciate it.


What you've heard about there being no such thing as target weight loss is true. When your body mobilizes fat from your fat cells it does so on a whole-body basis, basically pulling fat from all over the place all at once.

Certain areas of your body are more willing to give up their fat stores while some areas are more stubborn about it and hold off as long as they can. In men, this is seen mostly in the abdominal area and in women, in the hip area.

You can certainly tone up the muscles in your problem areas and that will help a lot as far as improving them.

Is Spot Reduction Weight Loss Real or Not?

The real payoff will come when your fat loss peels away the covering over those areas to reveal what you've worked for underneath. This is done through burning calories and watching what you eat. You're definitely on the right track.

For exercise technique advice of some resistance exercises you can do, check out our Exercise Library.

Using proper form in an exercise can greatly improve the results you get from it.

As far as your arm jiggle goes, a good exercise that I recommend to people is the Bench Dip. It works the tricep muscles which are located on the rear of upper arm.



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