How Can I Tone and Tighten My Inner Thighs?


How can I tone and tighten my inner thighs?

I use 2 lb ankle weights doing 3 sets of 8 of inner thigh abductions and 10 inner thigh squeezes for a count of 5. What else can I do to slim my inner thighs?


One of the best exercises for tightening your thighs in general and your inner thighs specifically is the Lunge.

How Can I Tone and Tighten My Inner Thighs?

You may also wish to try side lunges to more directly target the inner thighs. Instead of stepping forward, step out wide to the side (about 2 feet or so). Lunge down to that side then push all the way back up. Make sure you keep your upper body as upright as you can during the movement.

I would recommend you keep doing your abductions as well. You may wish to increase the weights you are using. This will help you to see some progress.

Here's another good exercise for you to try:

Cable Cross-Over Machine Adductions For Inner Thighs



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