Unstable Bar Bodyweight Tricep Extensions

This is a GREAT bodyweight tricep exercise that hits the long head of the triceps.

This is the head of the triceps that is the largest and has the greatest growth potential. If you want big arms, this is an excellent exercise to include in your training.

Also, if you're concerned about your triceps flapping in the wind (the infamous "batwing" thing), this is a great exercise to target that area directly. It's not going to burn fat directly from the arms but it'll tighten up the muscles there like nothing else.

Every second of every rep, as you go down and come back is spent fighting to keep your balance on the bar. It'll light up your triceps like crazy.

This is done using a pulley bar attachment. I've attached to an actual pulley set up for convenience but you can very easily loop a chain around just about anything and clip a bar onto it and achieve the same effect.



Instead of using a solid bar, you're using a handle that is balanced in the center. This places tremendous stabilization demands on the triceps.

Have the bar a few feet off the ground with your feet about 3 feet back. The closer you set your feet in, the less resistance you'll have, so start in closer first then move out as you learn the exercise. You can also start with the bar up higher to make it easier as well, making this an exercise that can be used by just about any level of trainer.

Set your hands on the bar, fairly close in to the center balancing point.

Unstable Bar Bodyweight Tricep Extensions for Building Bigger, Better Arms

Now, bending only at the elbows, slowly lower your head down under the handle. DO NOT go fast on this one...it won't end well. This is a controlled movement in order to keep your balance on the handle.

Unstable Bar Bodyweight Tricep Extensions for Building Bigger, Better Arms

Extend back up and repeat.

By the time you're done, I can promise your triceps will be on fire. Aim for about 5 to 7 reps or so with this one.

Another excellent bodyweight exercise for the triceps is the Feet-Suspended Close-Grip Push-Up.



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