Feet Suspended Close-Grip Push-Ups

This exercise uses a unique setup that dramatically increases the resistance you can get from the close-grip push-up.

Basically, when you get to a certain level of strength in a bodyweight movement and can do a lot of reps with it, it's not as effective for building further muscle and strength.

But if you can adjust your body position and make it harder, then you can keep on making progress. This exercise is an example of that with the close-grip push-up.

For this specific setup, you'll need a power rack, though if you don't have a power rack, you do these with your feet up on something else solid (like a railing or countertop, for example) with your hands on the floor instead of on a bar. You don't absolutely NEED a rack to do this type of feet-suspended movement (not just feet elevated, but actually suspended is what we're looking for).

This set up is going to force more of your bodyweight onto the triceps as you're doing the close-grip push-up exercise.

Set one bar in the rack at about shoulder height (where you'd set it for squats). Set the rails to about 2 feet off the ground or so (a little above knee height worked for me) and set a bar on those, pushed up against the uprights.

Set your hands on the bar in a close grip, about shoulder-width apart. Stand facing that bar with your back to the other bar then bring your upper body down to the bar.

Next, reach up and back with one leg to hook your toes over the bar.

Close-Grip Push-Ups For Building Mass and Shape in the TricepsClose-Grip Push-Ups For Building Mass and Shape in the Triceps

Once that's solidly hooked, bring your other leg up and hook those toes over the bar, too. Now you're in the bottom position of the close-grip push-up on the bar.

Close-Grip Push-Ups For Building Mass and Shape in the Triceps

Then just do the push-up.

Close-Grip Push-Ups For Building Mass and Shape in the Triceps

This exercise looks a lot easier than it actually is. By suspending your bodyweight in this fashion, you actually put more of your bodyweight on the triceps as resistance...more so than close-grip presses with feet elevated on a bench.

If you want to get even more out of this and need more resistance, you can also do it with a weight vest on.

Another excellent bodyweight tricep exercise is the Unstable Bar Bodyweight Tricep Extension.



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