NüoBells Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Adjustable dumbbells are the perfect solution for home gym training...and the NüoBell Adjustable Dumbbell is a class-leader.

When you're training at home, you need all the function of a full set of dumbbells without the space-hogging of that full set of dumbbells.

And there are a variety of different types of adjustable dumbbells currently on the market.

In this review, I'll give you the full rundown on what I believe to be the absolute BEST one on the market today...the NüoBell Adjustable Dumbbell, Swedish-designed and sold by Finer Form (one of only a few authorized dealers in the US).

The engineering, functionality and feel of the NüoBell, in my opinion, stands head and shoulders above every other type of adjustable dumbbell that I've ever tried...it's that good.


NuoBells Adjustable Dumbbells Review


Learn More About NüoBell Adjustable Dumbbells here


How Does the NüoBell Adjustable Dumbbell Work?

Using the NüoBell is very simple...you set it in the frame then you turn the handle to the number corresponding to the weight you want to use.

That's literally it.

The set I tested goes from 5 lbs all the way up to 80 lbs...each weight selected with a quick rotation of the handle (+ to go higher, - to go lower).

NuoBells Adjustable Dumbbells

This is the base 5 lb setting.

NuoBells Adjustable Dumbbells 5 lbs

This pictures shows you what the internal mechanism of the NüoBell looks like. When you turn the handle, it ratchets out a post that "cradles" the plates. Click the handle out further and you catch more plates.

(Note: I removed the plates on one side to show you the mechanism...DO NOT use the NüoBell without all the plates set in the frame)

NuoBells Adjustable Dumbbells mechanism

This is what the dumbbell looks like when you're using it. It's a solid dumbbell with a flat end, which makes it very easy to use, just like a regular dumbbell.

NuoBells Adjustable Dumbbells flat ends

One of the side benefits (besides instant adjustability) is the thicker handle of the NüoBell. This is fantastic for grip strength improvements.

And even though I have a full set of regular dumbbells, I find myself using these preferentially because of this feature.

NuoBells Adjustable Dumbbells thicker handle

You can purchase a stand for the NüoBells (sold separately but totally worth getting), or you can use them with just the small frame that comes with them that will sit on the floor.


What Exercises Can You Do With the NüoBell Adjustable Dumbbell?

The NüoBell functions exactly like a regular dumbbell...so basically every dumbbell exercise you can do with a regular dumbbell, you can do with a NüoBell dumbbell.

As well, because it's so fast to switch weights, there are techniques that aren't so practical with regular dumbbells that are fast and easy to do with a NüoBell...for example, down the rack sets where you start with a heavier weight, rep out, then reduce the weight down to the next set, then rep out, then continue until you're using a very light weight.

With the NüoBell, it's MUCH faster do this with a turn of the wrist than to shift around 8 sets of dumbbells.

Here's what it looks like with dumbbell rows...

NuoBells Adjustable Dumbbells Rows

Rep out then set them back in the frames, switch the weight, then continue...you don't even take your hands off the handles. It's brutally effective.

You can use these for regular dumbbell curls (drop sets work great with them).

NuoBells Adjustable Dumbbells Curls

You can use them for incline dumbbell curls.

And dumbbell bench press.

NuoBells Adjustable Dumbbells bench press


How do NüoBells compare to Power Block Dumbbells and Selectech Dumbbells from Bowflex?

I've tried both of these other brands and found the NüoBell to be superior in every way except for weight capacity.

Selectech dumbbells are easy to change weights (turn a dial) but you have to lift the ENTIRE frame , which increases the bulkiness and size of the dumbbell, even when you're lifting lighter weights. This gets in the way of some movements, like dumbbell curls with supination.

Power Block dumbbells allow you to use up to 120 lbs, which is substantially heavier, yet I've always found the weight selection via pins to be more awkward. As well, I'm not a fan of the design that encloses your hands.

NüoBells function like regular dumbbells and have the easiest weight selection mechanism by far.

The others aren't necessarily bad...these are just much better.


Are the any downsides to the NüoBell Dumbbells?

The only thing that stood out to me was weight capacity. At 80 lbs, it's the lightest capacity of the brands I mentioned above.

However, for the VAST majority of people who will be using these, 80 lbs is plenty of weight. It's only trainers who regularly lift heavier that will notice this. Even then, there are ways to adapt to using 80 lbs, even for very stronger trainers (more reps, intensity techniques, tempo training, etc.).


Do you need the rack to go with the NüoBells?

You don't, however it's much easier to use them when you do have the stand and it's something I would definitely recommend. It's easy to put together - only a few bolts and you're all set.

The frames that come with the NüoBells will give you all the functionality you need, if you're ok with them being on the floor or set on something solid like a bench or small table.

The rack makes them easier to work with.

You will notice when using these that they're not "rock solid" like a regular dumbbell. That's to be expected based on the design. That being said, I had absolutely NO qualms about using these in overhead exercises or with bench pressing...or with goblet squats with my hands on the actual plates.

The locking mechanism keeps the plates firmly in place, even if there is a slight bit of movement in the plates.


The Bottom Line on the NüoBell Adjustable Dumbbell:

I've been training more than 30 years and I've used all types of adjustable dumbbells. I've never found one I was so thoroughly impressed with as the NüoBells.

They're not cheap in price but the value is off the charts...they literally replace 19 pairs of dumbbells.

If you were to buy cast iron hex dumbbells individually, the cost would be at least DOUBLE the price of a set of NüoBells... I found a set of cast iron hex dumbbells 5 lbs to 75 lbs, selling for $1300 (this doesn't even include the 80's which would add another $100+ at least).

And they were out stock!

Dumbbells should be a staple of any home gym...and the NüoBells are my top choice for adjustable dumbbells. If you train at home and are looking for a high quality set of adjustable dumbbells, this is what I would recommend you get, hands down.


Get your NüoBell Adjustable Dumbbells here!



Update: How Durable are NüoBells After Months of Use?

After using my set of NüoBells for about 6 months, they're holding up GREAT.

Now, granted, I don't abuse my training equipment... I don't drop dumbbells ever.

Here's a full rundown of how they're holding up and a sample chest workout that I've been doing using the NüoBells and the Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench.



Finer Form (the company that distributes NüoBells) has put together an excellent package deal that includes the adjustable dumbbells, the dumbbell stand (which I find VERY useful) and their foldable flat bench.

You can get all three of these together for $90 off!

If you're putting together a home gym, this covers a lot of what you need to perform a wide variety of exercises.

Every home gym should have dumbbells and a flat bench, in my opinion, and adjustable dumbbells are the most space-saving, cost-effective way to do it.


Get your NüoBell Adjustable Dumbbell Package Deal here!



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