Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench Review

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The flat bench is not a complicated's a bench and it's flat and it's incredibly useful for a TON of different exercises, especially for home gym training.

But there can be more to it than just a simple flat surface to train on.

The Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench is all about combining the function of a good, solid flat bench with the convenience of being able to fold it down for easier storage.

This is a great concept for home gym training where you have limited space...but is the bench sturdy enough for heavy use?

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How Does the Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench Work?

The bench is very easily foldable with a simple "pop pin" system. You just pull the pin, swing the leg down, then it automatically snaps into the folded position securely with another pin hole.

This is a fast, easy process and there's no disassembly (or assembly) required.

Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench Review

Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench Review

When you've done both legs, the bench is about 6 inches thick and can be stored very easily.

It's also very light (about 20 lbs) so it can be used and moved by pretty much anybody.


Is the Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench Strong?

That's really the key. In order for this bench to be really useful in a home gym you need to be able to trust it with your bodyweight and whatever weight you're using.

I've done heavy work on this bench and it holds up without any doubt in my mind in terms of safety. The maker rates it to 1,000 lbs...I didn't test that kind of load with it, but I have performed bench squats on it with 400+ lbs.

Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench Review


Other Features of the Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench

For my purposes, I actually found this bench to be even MORE useful for bench pressing than my regular flat bench. This bench is lower to the ground, which allows me to set my feet on floor in order to get leg drive when benching. With my higher bench, I have to set my feet on the bench feet.

The bench width is a about 2 inches wider than the one I regularly use, which I also found to be better for benching.

You can also (though it's not something recommended by the maker) fold one leg down and leave the other up to make a shallow incline bench.

Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench Review

It's important to note that the bench is not designed for this, even though it can technically be used like this. The bottom end won't have anything gripping so if you're using it on a surface like carpeting, it could shift.


Any Downsides to the Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench?

The only real issue I found with this bench is actually one of the's light weight (about 20 lbs or so).

The bench itself is quite stable when you're lying on it and using it for pressing. The feet are wide enough and angled so I never had any issues with that.

What I did find is that when doing certain exercises (such as Bulgarian Split Squats) where you're using the bench for balance and it's not loaded, that it could shift a bit because it's so light.

To me, this is not a big problem with the just need to be aware of the possibility of shifting and adjust your training accordingly.



Overall, this is an excellent bench. I use it regularly for pressing and find it to be even better than my other, higher bench, even though that one is heavier.

It folds very easily and without much effort. If you're training at home and have limited space, this is an EXCELLENT option for a flat bench that you can store.

If you already have a bench and are in the market for a second bench (so that another person can train with you at the same time, for example) this would be a great way to go.


Get your Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench here



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