Tilting Body Dips For Triceps

This is a more advanced version of the regular bar dip.

It's a great alternative to using extra resistance if you don't have that available to use. When you do it, it's almost a one-arm dip.

As you do the dip, try to keep one arm straight while you drop down more on the other arm. This tilts the whole body to one side and puts a lot of the tension on the single side arm that's bending. The other side arm will still bend a little but try to keep that to a minimum. Your legs should stay as straight as you can keep them.

Tilting Bar Dips For TricepsTilting Bar Dips For Triceps

Then tilt the other direction.

Tilting Bar Dips For TricepsTilting Bar Dips For Triceps

Note how the one side arm stays mostly straight while the other one bends more, placing more tension on the more-bent arm.

Learn how to do dips on two bars set in the power rack here.



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