Overhead Dumbbell Walking for Shoulder Stabilization

This method is excellent for developing shoulder stability and lockout strength.

Starting in a standing position, take two moderate-weight dumbbells (something you would normally use for about 12 reps for a dumbbell shoulder press) and press them to the top position.

Overhead Dumbell Walking

Now, hold them in that position and walk.

Strive to hold the dumbbells up for as long as possible as you walk, actively trying to push the dumbbells up with each step. Every step you take will jostle the dumbbells and every movement you make will force your stabilizing muscles to kick in and work to keep those dumbbells up and in position.

As you start to lose the top position, fight to keep the dumbbells up as high as you can, getting a slow negative out of it until you're holding the dumbbells at your shoulders. Keep walking with the dumbbells in that position on your shoulders (with tension - as though you're still trying to push them up) for as long as possible until you can't even keep them there.

Overhead Dumbell Walking

You should feel a roaring pump in your shoulders at the end of the very first set. This is an extremely practical exercise for working the entire shoulder girdle.

I wouldn't recommend using a barbell for this exercise as not only will there be less of a stabilization requirement, a barbell is harder to maneuver without crashing into something (it's possible that I may be speaking from personal experience here).

I would also recommend trying the Two-Phase Barbell Shoulder Press.



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