Horizontal Shoulder Push-Ups

This exercise is ideal if you're not strong enough to perform the Pike Handstand Push-Up but are looking for a good bodyweight shoulder exercise.

This one of only a very few bodyweight exercises available for the shoulders, especially if you are newer to training.

The Horizontal Push-Up utilizes a similar movement pattern to the handstand push-up but with a horizontal body position instead of a vertical body position. This means you're moving primarily forward and back, not up and down.



To perform this exercise, it's best to use two pieces of equipment (e.g. two benches) or furniture (e.g. two chairs). The reason for this is that ideally you want to have room for your head to go down the middle so you get a full range of motion without having to duck your head under anything.

In the demonstration pictures and video, I'm using the "Lebert Equalizer".

Brace your equipment against a solid object or wall for support and you're ready to go.

Kneel down about a foot in front of the equipment. The two pieces should just a little outside shoulder width apart. Set your hands on the corners of the two pieces and set your torso horizontal.

Now use your legs to push your body forward.

This mimics the lowering phase of a shoulder press. When you get to the fully stretched position, use shoulder power to press yourself back to the start while using pressure from your quadriceps to resist the movement.

To increase the resistance on this exercise, get on your feet.

Instead of kneeling down, set your feet about a yard away from your apparatus then perform the exercise exactly as above.

This exercise is ideal if you're just starting out in your training and working out either at home or in a gym.

The next step up in bodyweight shoulder training is the Pike Handstand Push-Up.



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