Concentration Leg Curls for Peak Hamstring Contraction

This body position trick maximizes the contracted position of the Leg Curl exercise for the hamstrings.

It is best done on a leg curl machine with an angled bench.

Concentration Leg Curls

First, move the ankle pad(s) up a few notches higher than you would normally have them (I like to move it as high up as possible - the change in body position requires this). Use a lighter weight for this exercise (about half of what you would normally use the first time you try it).

Lie down on the bench but instead of bending your body like you normally would, use your arms to push your upper body up like you're at or near the top of a push-up.

Concentration Leg Curls

Hold your upper body up in that position then do the leg curl. Squeeze hard at the top - you should feel a VERY strong contraction in the hamstrings.

Concentration Leg Curls

The reason this is so effective is that by pushing your torso up, you increase the amount of hip extension. The more extended the hips are, the more completely the hamstrings are anatomically able to contract.

When the hips are flexed (like when you're bent over doing stiff-legged deadlifts), the hamstrings can achieve maximum stretch - when the hips are extended, the hamstrings are able to achieve maximum contraction.

You WILL feel the difference body position makes.

Learn how to perform regular Leg Curls here.



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