In-Set Superset for Chest...Flyes and Presses

If you want a chest that stands out and your normal chest training just isn't cutting it, you need to try something different.

And believe me, I know DIFFERENT.

I've got a technique that will dig right into the "meat" of the muscle and force development where traditional bench pressing fails.

Because after all, if the bench press really WAS the king of chest development, judging by how many people are on the bench every Monday, there would be a lot more impressive chests out there.


I call this technique In-Set Superset Training

The In-Set Superset is a very powerful technique for working a specific target muscle in two ways within the same set. I find this results in excellent tension being placed on the target muscle because of the varied demands being placed upon it during the set.



It can be used for just about any bodypart but in this case, we're going to be using this technique for chest, alternating between one rep of dumbbell flyes and two reps of dumbbell presses.

The reason we're doing two reps of the presses is that it's a much stronger'll need to use a weight you can get good reps with on the flyes, which means your pressing strength won't be challenged as much. When you double up on the reps for the presses, you'll get more out of the combo movement.

Aim for at least 6 to 8 reps of the flyes...and double that on the presses.

Blow Up Your Pecs FAST With In-Set Superset Training For Chest

I like to angle my hands a bit at the bottom as I find this easier on the shoulders.

Blow Up Your Pecs FAST With In-Set Superset Training For Chest

Then straight into two reps of the presses.

Blow Up Your Pecs FAST With In-Set Superset Training For Chest

Blow Up Your Pecs FAST With In-Set Superset Training For Chest

Repeat for the set number of reps.

I would recommend at least 2 to 3 sets of this in total. And on the last set, if you're looking to really push things, rep out with as many presses as you can get, once you can't get any more flyes.


This In-Set Superset will really push your chest to the limit.

If you've had trouble developing your chest, give this combo exercise a try. Don't go too heavy and really focus on FEELING the contraction in the pecs...this one is going to light 'em up.

Learn how to perform Hybrid In-Set Stretch Supersets for massive pec activation.



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