One-Arm Wall-Braced Push-Ups

Training your chest with bodyweight movements such as push-ups is a great idea.

However, when you get stronger with push-ups, there comes a point where you'll no longer have enough resistance to really build the chest effectively.

That's where THIS variation of the push-up comes into play. It's a bodyweight-only exercise that dramatically ramps up the demands on the chest....and all you need is a floor and a wall to do it.

To perform this one, you will need a good base level of strength in the push-up'll need to be able to perform at least 20 to 30 or more push-ups before this one becomes practical for you.

To give you an idea, I can do more than 50 push-ups and the first time I tried this variation, I got 4 reps with it.

So yeah, it's challenging!



How to Do One-Arm Wall-Braced Push-Ups

The exercise setup itself is very simple. Just get in the push-up position next to a wall or other solid flat object (I've also done this on the upright post of a cable cross-over machine).

Set your feet out wide apart for stability (you can bring them in closer as you get stronger with it or even go on one foot, if you've got a strong core). Set your left palm flat on the wall about 4 to 5 inches off the ground. Don't set it higher or it'll make the movement more awkward at the bottom.

High Intensity Bodyweight Chest Training...the One-Arm Wall-Braced Push-Up

To hold your body in that position, you have lock in your entire torso. This is what makes the exercise even more challenging.

Come down into the bottom push-up position. I turn my head at the bottom so I'm not mashing my face into the carpet.

High Intensity Bodyweight Chest Training...the One-Arm Wall-Braced Push-Up

Then come back up.

This is a TOUGH exercise that will really force a lot of tension onto the pecs. It's a one-arm push-up but having your non-working hand out wide allows you to set your working hand out wide as well, which turns the one-arm push-up from a tricep exercise into a chest exercise.

To increase the resistance, all you need is a bigger wall...

(just kidding).

Here's what it looks like using the post.

Don't grip your hand around the post, keep your hand open.

High Intensity Bodyweight Chest Training...the One-Arm Wall-Braced Push-Up

Then come down.

High Intensity Bodyweight Chest Training...the One-Arm Wall-Braced Push-Up

In the demo video, my hand was all sweaty from the training I had already done, so I slipped out of it and onto the floor. In that case, the wall would be a better choice as it's not slippery.

That's the exercise! If you're looking for a way to really challenge your chest with a bodyweight movement that you can do pretty much anywhere and really BUILD your chest, this is a push-up variation you'll want to try. It's extremely challenging even if you're already strong at the push-up.

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Learn how to perform One-Arm Bench Push-Ups here...this is a bit easier variation of the single arm push-up than the wall-braced one shown here.



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