Seated Calf Raises on the Leg Curl Machine

Want to work your Soleus muscles and don't have a Seated Calf Raise machine? Here's the solution.

All you need is a leg curl machine and a calf block. Just set the calf block underneath the ankle pad of the leg curl machine, slider your knees under the pad, then use a little help from your arms to get it into position on your thighs.

Then you can perform the exercise just like you would with a regular seated calf raise machine.

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If you train at home and don't have access to either one of these machines, you can do a "bent leg" calf raise, squatting down with a barbell resting on your knees. It doesn't get you any stretch, but the contraction is intense.


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This is a bit more challenging to get into position if you don't have a power rack, but still doable freestanding, as long as you keep some in the tank to stand up when your calves are done.


Learn how to perform regular Standing Calf Raises here.



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