Bicep Pulldown Crunches

If you want eye-popping biceps, you need more than just need QUALITY.

The peak contracted position of the bicep is key to quality. And to really maximize that muscle contraction, you need to put tension on according to your bicep ANATOMY.

Get Eye-Popping Arms With This Peak Contraction Bicep Exercise

So what I've got for you is a "finishing" exercise for the biceps that focuses on that peak anatomically contracted position for the biceps...with your upper arms overhead.

This position puts the biceps in their most shortened position, allowing for maximum contraction.



If you're familiar with Positions of Flexion Training, you have 3 positions...mid-range, which would be where tension is highest in the middle of the exercise, e.g. barbell curls. Then you would have the stretch position, which would incline curls...and THIS, which would be the peak contraction exercise.

It's best when done as a finisher after you've targeted the biceps with full-range and stretch-based movements. In other words, it's not the best standalone exercise for need to do other exercises before in order to maximize the effect of the peak contraction.

For this one, you'll use a high pulley and a straight bar attachment. The straight bar helps put maximum contraction on the biceps as their other primary function is supination (rotating your forearm to a palm-up position)...and that's the position the straight bar attachment puts you in.

Kneel down in front the cable stack and set a fairly heavy weight on the machine.

Get Eye-Popping Arms With This Peak Contraction Bicep Exercise

Now begin doing what LOOKS like a cable crunch.

What you're TRYING to do, however, is pull down and back with your biceps. The abs are working to help bring the weight down but only as assistance/secondary movers...they shouldn't be the focus.

Come all the way down as far as you can. As you do so, force your hands BACK behind your head as far as you can and do your best to keep your elbows up as high as possible. This will maximize the contraction on the biceps.

Get Eye-Popping Arms With This Peak Contraction Bicep ExerciseGet Eye-Popping Arms With This Peak Contraction Bicep Exercise

Squeeze the biceps HARD at the bottom's the primary goal of this exercise so don't waste it. Hold it for at least a few seconds.

Bottom line, the key to making this exercise work is to really focus on pulling with the biceps and forcing your hands back while keeping your elbows high.


Finish up your next bicep workout with this peak contraction exercise and FEEL exactly how powerful this anatomically-focused training really is.

Pair this exercise with a stretch-position movement like Incline Dumbbell Curls for maximum bicep growth and development.



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