The Pull-Up looks a lot like a chin-up, only it's done with your palms facing away from your body (called a pronated grip).

This grip focuses more on the upper back rather than the lats.


How to Do Pull-Ups

Take a wider-than-shoulder-width, palms-forward grip.

Pull-Ups Bottom Position

Initiate the movement by first lifting your ribcage without bending your arms. As you pull up, arch your lower back and lean slightly backwards.

Pull-Ups Top Position

Pull up until the bar touches high on your chest or as close as you can get to that. Lower slowly. This exercise works the upper lats and rhomboids.


A Note About Behind-The-Neck Pull-Ups

This exercise requires excellent shoulder mobility to perform safely and is generally NOT recommended for most people.

Behind-The-Neck Pull-Ups

The body position puts your shoulders under load in a relatively delicate position (maximum external rotation). A better option is to perform pull-ups between two neutral-grip (parallel) handles so you don't have to shift your body forward and put your shoulders in that sensitive position.


Learn how to perform Wide Grip Front Pulldowns here.



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