Decline Lying Pulldowns / Pullovers

If you have a hard time feeling your back working or if you want wider lats, you're going to LOVE this exercise.

It's a very simple concept. Basically, you're going to be doing a pulldown movement...but instead of sitting in a pulldown machine and doing them with a vertical body position, you're going to be lying on a decline bench and pulling the low cable forward and up.

This one combines the benefits of the pulldown movement with the stretch of the pullover movement for the lats. It's a great overall lat developer.



First, set the decline bench in front of the low pulley. I like the V bar for this one but you could also use a straight bar handle, too.

Make sure the bench is a few feet from the cable so you have to reach fully overhead to grab the handle (this allows you to get the stretch on every rep).

Lie back on the bench, reach overhead and grab the handle.

Decline Lying Pulldowns for wider lats

Now, using a standard pulldown type of movement, pull the handle towards your abdomen.

Decline Lying Pulldowns for wider lats

Pull the handle forward as far as you can (generally until it reaches about mid-chest level). Squeeze hard then lower it slowly back to the start position.

Decline Lying Pulldowns for wider lats

Let the weight pull a good stretch onto your lats at the bottom. You'll find as you're doing the movement, this cable position and your body angle keep the tension on the lats from start to finish. You don't need a heavy weight to rip up the lats good on this exercise.

Go for at least 8 to 12 reps per set on this exercise - it's a "feel" based exercise rather than a power-based exercise.

I would also recommend Full-Range Pulldowns for high-tension back work.



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