Abdominal Dumbbell Throw-Up and Catch

If you're looking for a GREAT oblique exercise that targets core support and explosive work, this is one you're definitely going to want to try.

Abdominal Exercise - Dumbbell Throw-Up and Catch

And yes, I fully realize this is probably the worst (or the best!) name for an exercise I've ever come up with.

And yes, I, too, would be leery of an ab exercise that has the words "throw up" in it.

Don't worry - you're NOT going to be throwing up in the gastric sense of the word...instead you'll be throwing up the dumbbell and catching it in a very specific (and very safe) way.

This is going to TRASH your obliques, developing great explosiveness and support strength, in addition to developing the visual aspect of the abdominals.



How to do the Abdominal Dumbbell Throw Up and Catch

All you need for this exercise is one dumbbell and some room to swing. Start with about 20 to 30 lbs and work up heavier as you get comfortable with the exercise. I've gone as high as an 85 lb dumbbell and that is pretty brutal.

Pick up the dumbbell in your left and stand with your feet slightly apart for balance. Bring the dumbbell back a bit like winding up to swing it (which you will be!).

Swing the dumbbell forward and up, bringing it ACROSS YOUR BODY, swinging it to the opposite shoulder.

As it comes across your body, meet it with your right hand, placing your right hand on top of your left hand that's already gripping the dumbbell. This part takes a bit of practice to get the timing right.

Continue the swing up as high as you can, using momentum and help from your right hand to get it higher.

Now comes the fun part. When you get it to the top (around head level), STOP THE DUMBELL and "catch" it with your right arm (elbow about 90 degrees for best support).

Basically, at the top, you're going to be supporting the entire weight of the dumbbell on your right arm only. The left arm is still gripping but it's only acting as help with balance now.

This sudden supporting of the load fires the right side obliques HARD...the swing up works the left side obliques HARD. You get two very different types of ab work in one exercise.

When you've done as many reps as you can with the left arm, set the dumbbell down then pick it up in your right hand.

Repeat the same pattern. Start with a little swing back.

Now swing the dumbbell up and across your body, adding your left hand onto the grip for help.

Keep going as high as you can.

Catch it at the top and support it with your left arm.

Keep going until fatigue prevents you from holding the dumbbell in that top position.


Although the name may not be the greatest, if training for core support, strength and explosiveness in the abdominal area is a priority for you, this is absolutely an exercise I would recommend.

It allows you to use a good amount of resistance and it trains the core (specifically the obliques) for that explosiveness with the swing and for support with the hold at the top.

For additional core support training, I would also recommend the Barbell Curl Squat exercise.



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