Stretches For Your Shoulders

1. Behind the Back Bar Stretch

Grab onto a bar behind you and lean forward like the chest stretch. Stand or sit with your back to a horizontal bar (a bench press bar setup works well for this stretch as does a Smith machine bar).

A good shoulder stretch.

Grasp the bar behind your back, just outside shoulder-width grip with palms down and fingers pointing back, then push forward allowing your shoulders and chest to stretch back. Vary the grip between pronated and supinated (palms-up and palms-down) and repeat.


2. Cross-Body Shoulder Stretch

Pull your arm straight across in front of your chest and push it into your chest with your other arm. This stretch can be done either standing or seated.

Cross-Body Shoulder Stretch



A Word of Warning...

One comment about shoulder flexibility: don’t worry if you don't have a great deal of shoulder flexibility. The shoulder joint relies on muscular support for stability. If your shoulders are TOO flexible, they will be unstable and more susceptible to injury. 



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