Stretches For Your Quadriceps

1. Lunge Position Quad Stretch

Kneel on the floor on one knee then lean back somewhat, pushing your stretching-side hip forward and leaning your upper body back. You should feel it from your hip flexors right down to your lower quads.

  • To vary the stretch a little, laterally rotate your back foot (out to the side) so your heel points out to the side more.
  • You should keep your back leg up on the toes to increase the stretch on the quads.


2. Bar, Bench or Rail Quad Stretch

There is a common quad stretch where you grab your foot behind your body and pull up and back. If you do this one, be sure to pull UP on the foot instead of trying to pull your heel towards your glute. Pulling puts the stretch onto the quads and won't overstretch the knee joint.

Instead of performing that one, I would recommend this one instead. Rest the top of one foot on a bench or railing or anything a few feet off the ground and lunge forward and down, keeping your torso vertical. Maintain tension in the quads and don’t lean back. This is a safe and easy way to stretch the quads.



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