Stretches For Your Hamstrings and Groin

1.Touch Your Toes

Touch your toes from a standing position. Keep your knees slightly bent to prevent lower back strain. Try crossing your feet as well.


2. Elevated Foot Hamstring Stretch

Put your foot up on a bench or raised surface that you are standing in front of (the Smith machine bar works well for this because it is adjustable in height). Lean over and try to touch or grab your foot.

  • This can be done to the side or straight forward.
  • To get a bit of extra stretch in the calves, hook your toes back towards your body.


3. Lateral Split Groin Stretch

Do the splits out to the sides to stretch out your groin/adductors. Rest your arms on a bench or chair so you can pull yourself up easily. Try to completely relax your quads while doing this.


4. Knee Into Chest Stretch

Lying flat of the ground or standing, pull one leg up into your chest to stretch out the hamstrings and glutes. Hold underneath the back of the thigh, not over the top of the knee to prevent knee hyperextension.



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