Stretches For Your Calves

1. Toes Elevated Calf Stretch

Stand on one foot on a wood block or other raised surface (the calf machine is good or if you are at home, a phone book or a stair edge will work).

A good calf stretch.

Rest all your weight on the one foot in the stretch position. Keep your knee as far back and locked out as possible (you may wish to push on it with your hand or with your other leg crossed over in front). Put some weight on the calf machine and use that for a better stretch.

This stretch can also be done with both feet simultaneously on a standing calf machine or seated calf machine. If you are doing it one foot at a time, you may wish to hook the toes of the other foot underneath the footrest and pull down. This will add some downward resistance to the stretch, increasing it's effectiveness.


2. Donkey Calf Stretch

To increase the effectiveness of the first stretch, bend completely over at the waist. This puts an additional stretch on the hamstrings and the calves. Keep your knee back and rock your body back somewhat, sticking your butt out (hold onto something solid in front of you for balance).


3. Anterior Tibialis Stretch

To stretch the anterior tibialis (the small muscle on front of your shin), dig your toe into the ground then lean your leg forward, keeping your toe in place.


4. Looped Towel Calf Stretch

Sit on the floor or a bench. Loop a towel around your forefoot and grasp the ends. Keep your leg straight and pull back on the towel so that your toes get pulled back.



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