Stretches For Your Back

1. Pole Stretch

Hold onto a rail, pole, bar, etc., with one hand. Rotate your body inwards towards that hand then allow your weight to fall backwards.

A good back stretch.

You can adjust where the stretch affects in your back by standing more upright or bending over more. Staying more upright will target the upper/middle back while leaning over will hit the lower side and back area.


2. Foot-Braced Pole Stretch

Grab onto something solid with one hand (e.g. a pole or railing or bar). Put the same side foot or the opposing foot on the pole below your hand, then push backward with your leg as though trying to pull your arm out of the socket. Hold on tight and maintain tension in the shoulder.


3. Pulldown Stretch

Hold onto something in front of you like a flat bench or bar. Bend over at the waist (about 90 degrees) and stretch downward, keeping your arm straight and your hands on the solid surface.


4. Twisting Stretches - Warning

Be careful of twisting stretches in the lower back area. If you do them, go slow and DO NOT force it. This is a very sensitive position for the lower back and severe injury can result.


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