[Important Warning] Immunity Supplements and Coronavirus

First off, let me just start by saying that NO supplement is going to prevent infection by COVID-19.

That's not how it works with nutritional supplements and the immune system.

The immune system will always be a reactionary "fight" system versus a proactive "shield" system.

What we're running into right now is a situation where our immune systems are being called on to fight an invader its never fought before.

In many cases, our soldiers are well-trained and up to the task and can easily beat even this unfamiliar opponent. They kill the invader without us even realizing there's an invasion. This is exactly how the immune system is going to ideally function.

In some cases, however, the soldiers are tired or too few or are already fighting a different invader and more and more of the new invader slips through the defences. This is exactly what we DON'T want.

Nutritional supplements are not going to fight the disease for you or prevent you from getting it. What they CAN do is give your body the support it needs to support those immune soldiers to help them do their job more effectively.

This is ESPECIALLY important if you're not getting enough of a certain nutrient that is critical for normal and optimal immune system function.

Important Warning - Immunity Supplements and Coronavirus

For example, Vitamin D3 is a key nutritional supplement that, honestly, I believe everybody should be taking right now (along with K2 to balance it), especially in the northern hemisphere where we're coming out of winter.

One of the primary theories about why flu season ends in late spring to summer is not because of temperature but because we start getting outside more and start getting natural Vitamin D from sunlight.

This helps the immune system function better to fight off invaders.

If you're interested, this is the one that I take. It's not expensive, it's still in stock and it's still shipping from Amazon.


Take It But Don't Megadose It.

The important warning I mentioned in the title of this article is this...DO NOT megadose supplements in an attempt to supercharge your immune system.

Doing this even with supplements that ARE effective and helpful can be really detrimental to you and can actually work against you (possibly severely, depending on the nutrient).

Here are a few examples...


1. Zinc

One nutrient that has seen a dramatic ramp up in use has been zinc, especially in the form of lozenges.

While getting enough zinc IS extremely important for immune system function, and is a nutrient I take every single day, excessive intake of zinc can actually cause some real problems. These things aren't cough drops.

If you take too much zinc at once, you can experience some harsh gastrointestinal symptoms (i.e. you'll be needing a lot more of that TP that you've so diligently collected). Don't take more than 50 mg at a time.

More is NOT better...enough is, but not more, especially all at once.


2. Vitamin C

This is something I also take every day...but DO NOT go from zero to 10,000 mg in one day or again, you'll be running through your TP stash a lot faster than you anticipated.

Also, if you take the chewable kind, it can be tough on your teeth (especially if you're taking a lot throughout the day) so be sure and brush regularly to neutralize the acid.


3. Probiotics

A good portion of the immune system is found in your gut (your digestive tract). And taking probiotics to help keep your gut flora well-stocked with "good" bacteria while pushing out the "bad" bacteria is important.

However, taking MORE probiotics is like putting more water into a full glass of water. Once you've got a good amount of beneficial gut flora, megadosing likely won't do any harm but it also won't give you any further benefits.


4. Oregano Oil

While oregano oil is actually one of my favorite natural antibiotic/antiviral supplements, it DOES also affect your gut flora. Taking too much oregano oil too frequently can knock down gut flora, just like regular antibiotic medications can.

I don't take oregano oil regularly.

In normal times, I would save it for when I know I would be exposed to the general public (like flying or going to an event with a lot of people, for example) as a prophylactic, when I feel something coming on (that tickle in the throat), or when something HAS already come on.

Right now, I'm not taking it. Illinois is under a "stay home" order, so I'm not getting exposed to much of anything. If I do go out for groceries, I'll take a dose.


The Best Way To Go...Food First.

If you can get optimal nutrition and enough immune-supporting nutrients from the food you're eating, that's the best way to go.

You're not going to overdose on Vitamin C by eating too many oranges.

If you want to read about some of the foods you can eat to help support your immune system function, click here.


There is One BIG Problem With This Approach Right Now, Though...


Want to get your Vitamin C through oranges or orange juice? You won't have much luck finding ANY of that on store shelves right now.

In terms of nutrients that support your immune system, for the near future, you're going to be severely limited by what is actually available to you in your local grocery store.

And, being honest, this type of situation is a problem even in "non-pandemic" times.

Many of the foods we eat have seriously-reduced levels of nutrients in them, even compared to just a few years ago, due to industrial farming practices that don't return nutrients to the soil.

So you may not even be getting the nutrients you THINK you're getting from the good foods you're eating.

That's a problem.


The "Nutritional Insurance" Solution...

What I'm doing right now (and have been doing for years) is take a "greens" supplement that is based on whole foods, sourced from high-quality ingredients.

This is the one I'm currently taking (and have been for about 8 months now).

(right now, you can get 20% off by using coupon code LOCKDOWN20 at checkout.)

High Quality Greens Supplement

High Quality Greens Supplement

The bonus to taking this particular product is that it also supports healthy testosterone levels.

This is critically important for men just for daily functioning, especially in the stressful type of situation we're all in right now.

Depression, anxiety, irritability, and other mood changes are common in men (and women!) with low T (yep, women do actually have a certain level of testosterone that they need as well).

When you're sheltering at home with loved ones, those are not mood changes you particularly want to be experiencing.

You can learn more about Man Greens here...and remember, use coupon code LOCKDOWN20 to get 20% off your order now.


The Bottom Line...

The more you can support your immune system right now, the better off you (and everybody close to you) will be.

Take immune support supplements regularly...just don't megadose on them.

And if you do nothing else, wash your hands, try not to touch your face, and get out into the sunshine whenever possible (while maintaining recommended social distancing measures).



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