This $10 Supplement Beat a $10,000 Surgery For Plantar Fasciitis

"I wasted 10,000 dollars on a stupid surgery the doctors kept telling me I needed if I ever wanted to run again and it didn't work.."

I looked at him, leaning back in my chair.

"Yep, I agree." I said. "I know doctors are doing the best they can with the knowledge they've got, but when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Doctors are taught to either throw a medication at a problem or start cutting things. That's just what they know."

He calmed down a bit, still not looking happy.

He continued..."But if what you're telling me is true, all I need to do is take this cheap supplement a couple of times a day and it can help fix my issue better than surgery?

"I can't promise it'll fix it but it'll definitely help. It's absolutely worth trying."

This $10 Supplement Beat a $10,000 Surgery For Plantar Fasciitis


The year was 1997...I was working as a trainer on a cruise ship at the time and was talking with the comedian, Dave, who was working on the ship at the time as well. We had just finished dinner in the crew mess and were chatting casually.

Dave was a bit overweight, high blood pressure, intense personality...but GREAT comedian. He knew I was a trainer, so he had started asking me if I knew anything about plantar fasciitis.

He had it so bad he could barely even walk normally, much less run (which he used to love to do until his feet began hurting so bad he couldn't anymore...he couldn't even golf...the force going through his feet was too much to bear).

"I'll tell you why it've told me what you eat and I can tell your body is lacking the raw materials to repair the issue itself. Cutting into the fascia of your feet isn't going to help because you don't have the building blocks for your body to put down new collagen. Once you address the root cause with supplementation, your body can actually do some healing."

He nodded and we got up and left the mess hall. At the time, I didn't think he was convinced.

A few months later, I would find out wrong I was...


Fast forward to 6 months later...

I was still working on the same ship and Dave had come back again for another two week stint on the ship.

"NICK!" I heard from behind me as I was walking down the hallway. I turned around.

It was Dave...was jogging down the hallway towards me. My jaw dropped.

He was JOGGING...and was at least 30 lbs lighter, from the looks of him.

"Nick," he said as he came up to me. "I've gotta talk to you. That supplement you told me about..."


"At first, I thought, how could this do anything? It's too simple. But then I figured, eh, it's so cheap, I'll just starting taking it and see what happens. Can't hurt, right."


"So I did. I started taking it religiously, twice a day, every day. And holy $%&$#, my feet started feeling better within a week. Within three weeks, I started jogging again. I've dropped 35 lbs in the last 6 months and I feel like a new man!"

"That's awesome, man!" I said. "I'm so glad you tried the stuff out!"

"So am I. I SO appreciate you telling me about it. I went to that same doctor for a follow-up appointment a few months ago and he couldn't believe it. Thought I had cheated on him with another surgeon."

He continued, "Anyway, I just wanted you to know this stuff worked. I owe you big time."

"Glad it helped! Crazy how such a simple thing can have such a big impact, isn't it."

He nodded, clapped me on the back and headed off down the hallway.


So what was the cheap, simple supplement that fixed his Plantar Fasciitis?

I won't keep you in's common, everyday Vitamin C.

The stuff that Dave took wasn't even was stuff he bought at the's just that his body was so depleted of it that it couldn't heal the connective tissue injury he was suffering from.

And I've had plantar's suffering.

All he did was take 1,000 mg, twice a day, and he solved his issue where surgery didn't even make a dent in it.

You need Vitamin C to make collagen to repair connective tissue.

Collagen is the "glue" that binds our cells together and forms the matrix of your connective tissue. Without enough Vitamin C, your body can't form this matrix properly...injuries and wounds heal slowly or not at all.

[Efficacy of Vitamin C Supplementation on Collagen Synthesis and Oxidative Stress After Musculoskeletal Injuries: A Systematic Review. DePhillipo, et al, Orthop J Sports Med. 2018;6(10)]

That's what Dave was running into and the doctors weren't see the simple solution in front of him.


Now there's an even BETTER form of Vitamin C available...

It stays in your bloodstream for HOURS instead of minutes

Regular vitamin C is water-soluble...your body flushes any excess out pretty much immediately.

This form of vitamin C is FAT soluble and stays in your body much longer than regular vitamin C, similar to lipospheric C, but without the price tag.

  • This allows it to deeply penetrate all of your cells, tissues, and organs, and intensify all the benefits you're going to see below.
  • And best of all, there are NO side effects. You don’t have to worry about taking too much or getting an upset stomach with this form of Vitamin C because you only have to take a little and it’s much more powerful.


If I were to recommend Vitamin C to Dave again, I would tell him to take THIS stuff.

I don't even touch regular vitamin C anymore...I take this stuff every single day. It helps with so many different things.

Click here to learn more about this potent form of Vitamin C...

The crazy thing is, it doesn't even cost most than regular C, especially when you buy it in bulk. I bought some a few months ago for 10 bucks and I'm still using it.

Check it out here...this stuff can do some amazing things for you.


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