Recovery Bits Chlorella Review

What if there was a very simple, whole food that could...

1. Remove heavy metals and chemicals from your body.

2. Is packed with vitamins and minerals, many that are often tough to find in other food sources (like Vitamin K2).

3. Boost the power of your immune system.

4. Improve athletic recovery via high antioxidant levels.

There IS...and that food is chlorella.


Chlorella is a form of algae. It's not a supplement, but actually a whole of the simplest organisms on the planet. The benefits you read about above are just a few of the things chlorella can do for you, especially when it comes to recovery from workouts and training.


I tested a chlorella product called Recovery Bits.

As the name suggests, Recovery Bits can help tremendously with recovery from workouts, training sessions and athletic events and competitions. This is primarily due to the full-spectrum of nutrition packed into chlorella.

You'll see that there are literally NO other ingredients, just chlorella...pressed into tablet form.


Do Recovery Bits Help Improve Recovery?

While testing the Recovery Bits, I took the full 30-tablet serving to get maximum effect from it. And I DID notice a difference in how well I recovered from hard training sessions.

Recovery can be both objective (in terms of how quickly you can repeat a performance) or subjective (as in how you feel after training).

From a subjective perspective, normally after I do heavy workouts, I'm done for the rest of the evening. All I want to do is sit on the couch and relax. I did notice, after taking a packet of Recovery Bits, I didn't feel as exhausted as I normally did. I felt like I could still keep functioning.

I wasn't fully able to test recovery objectively as far as how quickly I would be able to repeat a strength performance (given my training schedule), but after noting how I FELT after taking the Recovery Bits, I do think it has a very positive impact on strength and athletic performance.

Recovery Bits help buffer (because of the high pH/high alkalinity) lactic acid during training and remove lactic acid from the body after training, so that the recovery process can start more quickly and efficiently.


Immune System Benefits

Beyond recovery from training, one of the other key benefits to Recovery Bits is supporting the immune system nutritionally via Vitamins A, B6,9,12, D, E, iron, zinc, copper, essential fatty acids and chlorophyll.

For me personally, when I train hard for long stretches of time, I tend to get more susceptible to colds, especially as I start to get into the "overreaching" phase of training where I'm pushing my recovery capabilities to the limit.

The last thing I want is to be sidetracked by a cold or flu.

Recovery Bits can help prevent that from happening by giving your body the support it needs to help stave off illness, even when pushing your body hard.


What Does It Taste Like?

It honestly doesn't matter! You can chew the tablets, if you find you like the taste of them, or you can swallow them whole (that's what I do).

The real power of Recovery Bits is in the wide array of beneficial nutrients found in the chlorella...antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids, protein and chlorophyll.

According to the makers, a full bag of tablets has the nutrition equal to 551 pounds of fruits and vegetables!


Where are Recovery Bits Sourced From?

The chlorella is grown in Taiwan (which is renowned for having the highest-quality algae and strictest regulations), non-GMO, organic, with filtered mountain spring water.

The quality of the chlorella you're getting is a direct result of how the product is grown and packaged.


Where Do I get Recovery Bits?

The best place to get them is direct from the company that makes them.

And right now, they have a special offer running where you can get 1 large bag for 20% off, 2 large bags for 25% off (includes FREE shipping).

Click here to learn more about Recovery Bits now and take advantage of the special deal!


Energy Bits and Beauty Bits

The same company that makes Recovery Bits also offers two other products for improving your energy levels and for beauty. These contain spirulina algae rather than chlorella, and offer somewhat different benefits.


If you're interested in getting some Recovery Bits, click here to get your special deal now!



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