Men Over 40: How to Live a Longer, Healthier Life

So last week, I got a copy of a very interesting book.

This one isn't a bodybuilding book or anything to do with strength training...

The name of it is "Healthy to 120" (as in live to 120 years old!) and it has some VERY good health information, primarily for men who want to live a longer, healthier life as they get into their 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond.

After all, you don't want to just get want to have a longer life, but NOT a sick, longer life.

Men Over 40: How to Live a Longer, Healthier Life


It's really fascinating stuff...really jives with a lot of my own research that I've done for books and programs I've written (especially with regards to cortisol and weight training workouts being something to watch out for as you get older).

The author's name is Matt Cook, and in his research for the book, he found results of studies that are being buried, ignored or just plain censored, because they don't fit the mainstream medicine narrative of medicating everything that moves (or doesn't move, if it's supposed to move :).


Here's some of what he found...

  • Many surgeries including 97% of prostate cancer surgeries are unproven...he discovered a better way to shrink prostates and to reduce the chances of cancer by over 95%...even if you’ve been diagnosed, this simple tweak can make it much easier to live the rest of your life without going down the medical rabbit hole...

  • Matt found that today’s blood pressure treatments often show no better results than just leaving things alone. In fact, this one “tweak” has helped thousands of men get to normal blood pressure WITHOUT pills...

  • Matt found that many blood thinners cause arteries to get plaque in the arteries...fortunately he found a few simple nutritional tweaks that your doctor will approve of, that often make it unnecessary to take these, or that get RID of this artery-hardening side effect

  • Many statin medications cause muscles to deteriorate and brain damage that may not be reversible. Matt found the true role of cholesterol in the human body, and a way to get normal cholesterol readings WITHOUT dangerous statins...imagine going to your doctor with your new lab results, grinning ear to ear, because your doctor says, “you don’t need to take these pills anymore.”

  • He found certain supplements such as common ones that you have right now in your bathroom or kitchen, that can work better than chemotherapy in preventing cancer...and if you already have cancer, these assist your doctors in stopping or reversing cancer. 

  • Matt found certain commonly accepted “safe” fats that dramatically lower testosterone levels. You can stop eating these fats, and feel a surge of libido as your health improves with higher testosterone readings.

The book is called “Healthy to 120” and it’s basically free (it's a real, hard copy book, so there is a small shipping fee).


Want a copy?

Click here to get your (almost) free copy of “Healthy to 120” now.

It's really interesting stuff that has the potential make a big difference your health and life...definitely worth grabbing a copy of.


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