Is Olive Oil Bad For You?

Yep, olive oil CAN be bad for you.

Because here's the problem...the VAST majority of store-bought olive oil is total garbage, with other random, cheap oils and other contaminants dumped in to "stretch" the olive oil.

What you're getting is something that resembles olive oil...and tastes sort of like olive oil...but ain't olive oil.

You see, the Mafia runs the olive oil business...(that actually IS a fact - 60 Minutes did a whole story about this not long ago)...

...and I'm pretty sure you know that they're not in the business of looking out for your health. They're trying to squeeze as much profit out of the olive oil as possible by loading in other stuff to pad the product.

So that means any retail outlet that gets olive oil in fairly large quantities is getting an adulterated product with who knows what else being in there.

It's not the real thing...and this is then passed on to you.


So I should clarify my statement...

Store bought olive oil is not good for you.

REAL olive oil, on the other hand, is VERY good for you.

Real olive is very nutritious...and tastes SO much better than store-bought junk, it's not even funny.

The reason I know this is because I've tasted real olive oil...

...produced on a family farm in Greece, at the just the right time (not when they're half-rotted or unripe), and transported immediately to the US while it's still fresh.

This olive oil is made by the family of my friend Tony's fully organic, non-GMO, and certified 100% pure olive oil.

Is Olive Oil Bad For You?


And right now, he's offering an incredible deal for you.

Go to his site here and use coupon code "fitstep50" and you'll get 50% off the regular price of two bottles of his incredible olive oil.

Personally, I love this stuff.

I'm doing low-carb eating off and on right now... my wife made a killer chopped tomato, zuchinni and cucumber salad with this olive oil and I couldn't stop eating it (that's what's in the picture above).

Get some fresh bread and dip it in this olive'll eat the dang whole loaf.

You can put it on salads, cook with it...everything you would normally do with other olive oil, only this will be SO much better tasting and so much better FOR you.

I'm going to throw out the other olive oil I have in my pantry...don't want it anymore.

Click here now to learn about Kasandrinos Olive Oil and get your 50% off today!


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