Anti-Aging Bodyweight Exercise

This is an anti-aging exercise that I actually do with weights...yet it's extremely effective when done with bodyweight only.

Here's what it looks like:

Anti-Aging Bodyweight Exercise

As you can's very simple...crawling.

The movement itself activates almost every muscle in the body, especially the core.

It develops coordination in your limbs, in addition to strength. You're bringing in your arms, legs, chest and back by supporting yourself and moving in this fashion.

As I mentioned, I do this one with weights...I've gone as far as holding 120 lb dumbbells in my hands, wearing 20 lbs ankle weights, putting an 85 lb weight vest on my back and looping rubber bands around my feet and forearms (all at once...and yes, I am nuts).

You absolutely don't have to go that far...even just doing this one with bodyweight only will give you tremendous benefits.

And that's just ONE exercise that you can use to essentially reverse aging.

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