A Disturbing Fact About Chocolate...(I Didn't Know This)

Do you know WHY that the chocolate that you buy in the store (even really high-end chocolate) HAS to have so much fat and sugar added to it?

I actually had no idea about this.

It's because before they make actual chocolate out of it, they use industrial machines to ROAST the cacao to a burnt crisp...then they have to add all the fat and sugar to COVER UP that burnt taste.

It's faster and cheaper but that roasting is not without consequences...

The problem is this intense roasting process also destroys most of the nutritional benefits of the cacao you'll find in the chocolate.

I've been testing out a new cacao-based product called "CacaoFit" that does NOT have all the problems associated with overprocessing while still giving you a great chocolate taste.

CacaoFit Review

It's not just cacao, though (which can be pretty bitter...if you've tried caco nibs, you know what I'm talking about).

It's got a variety of other ingredients in addition to the cacao to improve the taste and overall nutritional benefits.

CacaoFit Review

The coconut milk powder and MCTs give it a nice, smooth texture and creamy taste while keeping it keto friendly (if you're into that sort of thing ;).

This is what the actual powder looks like - you just mix a scoop in whatever you want to mix it in...water, coffee (yep, for real), baked goods...the list goes on.

CacaoFit Review

It has a nice, light chocolately taste...not bitter at all, in my opinion, and definitely not loaded with sugar and garbage fats like you see in a lot of chocolate products.

Plus, right now, the company that makes CacaoFit is also throwing in several recipe books that you can use to get even more enjoyment out of their cacao.

Personally, I have this stuff for dessert on low-carb eating days and it's awesome.

Click here to discover how CacaoFit can help you get your HEALTHY chocolate fix on even while you're dieting!


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