Is Camel's Milk Good to Drink For Health and Immunity?

Camel's Milk and Chocolate Chip Cookies....

Yep, that's actually what I had for dessert last night.

Is Camel's Milk Good to Drink For Health and Immunity?


Wait, What...Camel's Milk?

For real. Last week, I got an email from a friend of mine asking if I had ever tried camel's milk before and, if not, would I want to try some out.

Being honest, I told her I didn't even know that was a thing you could get or why you'd want to drink it.

She responded and said it's actually very tasty and extremely beneficial!

It's much better digested and tolerated than cow's milk...if you have lactose intolerance (and I do to a small degree), you'll find this goes down really, really well. The nutritional quality is actually very similar to human mother's milk.

On top of that, camel's milk...

  • promotes glutathione production in the body (your master antioxidant that's critically important for overall health).
  • supplies pre and probiotics to the gut, for improved digestion and immune system function
  • contains rare proteins (Lactoferrin, Immunoglobulins, Cytokines, and Lysozyme), which can also boost immune system function and also work as free radical scavengers

And heck, I've tried cricket protein bars before so I figured why not try camel's milk...


So what does camel's milk taste like?

Honestly, it's quite good! I liked it a lot.

It has a bit different flavor than cow's milk (which I never drink anymore and haven't for years because of it's not-so-great digestability).

It's a bit saltier and actually has a bit milder taste than cow's milk, but the difference is really not that much. You can have it cereal, coffee...whatever you put milk in, you can put this milk in...or drink it straight up with cookies, like I did.

What I like about the Desert Farms Camel's Milk that I tried is that they use WHOLE's not low-fat or skim milk, so you're getting the full benefits of the fats as well as the proteins.

You can read more about camel's milk and the benefits it has on their website here.

I will tell you up front, it's not cheap, primarily because it's a much more "custom" beverage than cow's milk...the camel's are grass-fed, free of hormones and the milk is not homogenized. It's an extremely high-quality food that has some really powerful health benefits.

Basically, if you have issues with regular cow's milk and/or you're tired of drinking watery, tasteless "almond beverage" this could be EXACTLY what you need to start enjoying real milk again.

I drank the entire container down...I've got 3 more in the pack that arrived (they ship it frozen, so you do need to thaw it out in the fridge before drinking, but that's super easy to do).

Check out Desert Farms Camel's Milk here.



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