An All-Natural Deodorant That WORKS...

Not only is the American Provenance all-natural deodorant effective, it actually has a really cool story behind it...

It was created as a result of a school science project in a small town in Wisconsin.

The teacher (and now founder of the company), Kyle LaFond, challenged his students to create personal care products that weren't packed full of estrogenic chemicals and heavy metals.

Inspired by their ideas, this teacher began experimenting with various formulas in the machine shed on his family farm.

Fast forward several years later and the company he founded, called American Provenance, now has a range of deodorants as well as other male-focused personal care products such as body wash, hand soap, aftershave and more.


The ironic thing is this...even though it's a male-focused brand, my wife loves this stuff!

She was sick and tired of all the heavy metals and chemicals found in most over-the-counter deodorants...she had tried a ton of different natural deodorants but all them had formulas that basically "sealed up" the skin under the arms, resulting in red spots and rashes.

The American Provenance unscented "sensitive skin" formula is literally the ONLY one she's ever found that didn't cause ANY of these issues.

If you've ever had issues with natural deodorants, this is the stuff you'll want to try.

I use it as well and it's great stuff.

American Provenance All Natural Deodorant Review


If you're using a "natural" deodorant right now, look at the ingredients... does it say "Fragrance" anywhere in there?

If so, you may not realize that there is NO requirement that they disclose what's actually IN that fragrance.

And we both know that big companies (like Unilever, that owns Schmidt's Natural Deodorant) have a bad habit of sneaking in chemicals any way they can.

As a comparison, here's what's in American Provenance Unscented deodorant (their scented ones use clean, essential oils for fragrance and that's it):

American Provenance Deodorant Review Ingredients


Bottom line is this...

There are heavy metals and estrogenic chemicals in almost all of the men's body care products made by big companies these days.

Over time, these get absorbed through skin and get into your body...and they can have real, significant effects on your testosterone levels and overall health.

Personally, I much prefer taking the natural approach, whenever possible, especially when it comes to products that the potential to get absorbed like that.

If that's important to you as well, definitely go check out American Provenance and give their stuff a try.


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