6 Ways Swimming in Saltwater Pools Benefit Your Health

By Chris Hoffman


Are you tired of getting hit with a wave of potent chemicals every time you step into the pool?

Then, it might be time to think about switching to a saltwater pool and say goodbye to your traditional chlorine pool. While saltwater pools still use chlorine to disinfect the water, they are free of the by-products that can have an adverse effect on your health. If chlorine pools have been known to irritate your eyes, skin or lungs, switching to a saltwater pool may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Learn more about how swimming in saltwater pools can benefit your health.

6 Ways Swimming in Saltwater Pools Benefit Your Health


Fewer By-Products

Chlorine is a must if you want to keep your pool clean and safe. In a traditional chlorine pool, you’ll need to use large buckets, automatic chlorine dispensers or chlorine tablets to disinfect the water and remove bacteria that can be harmful to your health. But traditional chlorine systems that use buckets of chemicals or chlorine tablets can create disinfection by-products, which can irritate your skin, eyes and lungs.

Saltwater pools use a different approach. Using a saltwater generator or chlorinator, these pools convert salt particles into chlorine that sanitizes every inch of the pool so you don’t have to worry about getting an infection. While saltwater pools still use chlorine to keep the water sanitary, there tends to be fewer by-products in the water so you can swim with more peace of mind.

6 Ways Swimming in Saltwater Pools Benefit Your Health


Easier on the Skin

If you love lounging in the pool for hours on end, you might notice that your skin becomes dry, red or itchy after a while, bringing the fun to a halt. But saltwater pools tend to be free of potentially harmful by-products that can irritate your skin. Your skin won’t be as red or feel as harsh by the end of your swim.

Over time if you continue using a saltwater pool, you’ll have softer skin and you won’t have to coat yourself in lotion after a day of sunning.


Less Eye Irritation

Traditional chlorine pools can cause eye irritation in some individuals. Opening your eyes underwater can lead to redness, infection and even blurred vision. The eyes and skin tend to suffer the most from chlorine-treated pools, according to recent studies.

If you have overly sensitive eyes and you enjoy swimming in the pool regularly, a saltwater pool can make all the difference in the world. With fewer disinfection by-products in the water, saltwater pools help you see more clearly underwater without the risk of irritation.

While you might want to wear eye goggles regardless of what kind of pool you’re swimming in, choosing a saltwater pool may bring you some relief.


Reduced Chances for Infection

All kinds of bacteria and pathogens can be floating in your backyard pool if you fall behind on maintenance and stop using pool chemicals. Salt-free chlorine pools need a constant supply of chlorine to prevent the spread of bacteria, which can be tricky if you’re not always home or you only use your pool occasionally.

While saltwater pools still require maintenance, the risk of infection tends to be diminished. Saltwater pools use these salt particles to distribute chlorine throughout the water. This means that if you make sure the salt levels in your pool are consistent, you can rest assured that every inch of your pool is free of bacteria.

Traditional chlorine pools typically disperse chlorine at various points in the water, but this can lead to an inconsistent approach to disinfection. Some areas of the pool may be more chlorinated than others, which means you might not always be safe from bacteria. Saltwater pools use a more consistent approach because the chlorine is everywhere.

6 Ways Swimming in Saltwater Pools Benefit Your Health

Breathing Easier

While you might try to keep pool water out of your lungs when swimming, getting a chest full of chlorinated water is bound to happen at some point. But if you happen to inhale some water in a saltwater pool, the chances of you inhaling some disinfection by-products are greatly diminished.

Saltwater pools are free of these by-products that can damage your lungs. If you or someone you know suffers from asthma or a respiratory condition, you can breathe easier by choosing a saltwater pool instead of a traditional chlorine pool.

If you’re sensitive to the smell of chlorine, you might also feel nauseous or irritated every time you get close to a chlorine pool. Saltwater pools tend to be free of these intense fumes, helping you stay relaxed and comfortable around the water’s edge. While saltwater pools still have chlorine, you don’t have to worry about the smell taking away from the fun.


Reducing Onset Asthma in Children

Swimming is a great activity for kids. What kid doesn’t love splashing around in a pool on a hot summer day? But some parents might worry about exposing their children to harsh chemicals like those found in traditional chlorine pools.

While additional research is required, some studies suggest that disinfection by-products found in chlorine pools can increase a child’s risk of new onset asthma. If a parent is concerned for their child’s health or they notice their child is having trouble breathing from time to time, they may want to bring their child to a saltwater pool instead of a traditional chlorine pool to reduce their exposure to these by-products as much as possible.


As you decide between chlorine and saltwater above ground pools, remember that both types of pools use chlorine to keep the water free of bacteria.

Yet, salt-free chlorine pools tend to feature more disinfection by-products that can irritate the skin, lungs and eyes.

If you’re looking to enjoy a dip in the pool minus the negative health effects and irritants, you will most likely find a saltwater pool more comfortable and enjoyable than a traditional chlorine pool. You can spend more time in the pool without worrying about how these chemicals may be affecting your health.



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