Zero Water Filter Review

The name, Zero Water, pretty much says exactly what this product is all about.

You've likely seen the commercials on TV where the people are showing Zero Water comparing head-to-head with a Brita water filter pitcher...bringing down the amount of dissolved solids to zero.

Like you, I always viewed these commercials with a touch of skepticism...could this pitcher REALLY filter the water that well and that much better?

I put the Zero Water pitcher to the test using a sludgy mix of protein the video, you'll see the results.


Learn More About the Zero Water Filter here


Here's a quick visual rundown of the Zero Water protein powder test...

Zero Water Filter Review

First, I tested the glass of protein powder mixed with water. The reading was 180 for dissolved solids.

Zero Water Filter Review - dissolved protein powder

Then I poured the glass of protein directly into the top of the Zero Water pitcher.

Zero Water Filter Review - pour in protein

This is what it looks like going in...

Zero Water Filter Review - protein sludge

And this is what it looked like coming out... (FYI, when filtering something this thick, it does go pretty's much faster when filtering something that already fairly clean like tap water).

Zero Water Filter Review - clean water

After pouring some into the glass, the reading is dissolved solids.

Zero Water Filter Review - zero dissolved solids

Zero Water Filter Review - clean water

This is the inside of the 5-stage filter.

Zero Water Filter Review - 5 stage filter



I was actually very impressed with how well this filter handles a thick glass of protein powder. To put that through and come out with 000 shows that this product lives up to its billing.

Learn more about Zero Water here.



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