StrongBoard Balance Trainer Review

The StrongBoard is a unique piece of balance training equipment that can be used with a variety of exercises.

StrongBoard Balance Trainer Review

Balance training is an often-neglected aspect of fitness...and sometimes, even when it's trained, it's not trained effectively.

In this review, you'll learn what the StrongBoard is and how you can use it for best results to improve your balance and stability.


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How To Use The StrongBoard

First off, even though it's built very solidly and can hold up to 450 lbs, I don't recommend doing heavy weight training exercises on the StrongBoard, especially anything with a bar on your back. Balance training should be done as its own thing...if you want to get strong, lift from a stable base.

To learn how to get on the Strongboard safely. I recommend starting by holding onto something solid, until you get a feel for how it's done.

Basically, you want to step down on one side until the end contacts the bottom piece solidly. This creates a stable position.

Then you step on the other end of the board.

Then you shift your weight to the center. Keep your knees soft and your hands out wide for balancing.

In this position you can do a variety of standing exercises, such as squats.

With your hands on the StrongBoard, you can also do push-ups...

And planks...

For direct core training, I like the stability sit, where you basically just sit on the StrongBoard with your arms and legs out, leaning slightly backwards. This works the core extremely hard.

If you DO want to do some exercises that involve additional resistance, I recommend using dumbbells or kettlebells...things that you can easily set on the floor if your balance shifts and you need to drop the load safely.

The lunge/split squat with dumbbells is a great example...if you lose your balance, you can just down onto your knee and set the dumbbells directly on the floor.


The Bottom Line about the StrongBoard

Overall, the StrongBoard is a really nice piece of balance training equipment. It is beginner-friendly, especially when used while holding onto something.

Potential Improvements:

I would like to see a little more grippy stuff on the top surface and it would be nice to have rounded handles on the edges instead of the peaked edges (which aren't very comfortable on the hands for push-ups, if you set your hands on them).

It will take some practice to develop the balance and stabilizing strength you need to perform some of the more advanced exercises, but that will definitely come over time as you use it. You will also need to be very careful if you haven't done much balance training before.

There's nothing here that should stop you from getting one of these.


The StrongBoard is not a cheap piece of equipment, so it may not friendly to every budget. That being said, it is built VERY tough and will last a long time, even with frequent use. There's nothing cheap about the construction of this'll see that from the first time you use it.

Overall, if you're looking for an effective piece of balance training equipment, I would absolutely recommend the StrongBoard.

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