30 lb Steel Mace Review

The Steel Mace is one of the most versatile and fun pieces of equipment you can use.

It's an ancient combat weapon that has been repurposed into fitness training equipment.

Steel Mace Review - 30 lb - Set-For-Set Equipment

When you start using a steel mace, you'll want to use a lighter one than the one I'm reviewing here, which is a 30 lb beast.

When using this heavier 30 lb steel mace versus the lighter ones (5-15 lbs), it simultaneously closes off some exercise options (like one-arm swings) while also opening up many others (which I'll demonstrate in the video below).

You can use this thing for smashing (like hitting tires), you can use it as resistance or even as appartus, using the unique shape to perform exercises on instead of with.

Overall, the steel mace is a FANTASTIC piece of equipment. This specific 30 lb mace I reviewed is made by Set For Set and is built rock-solid...I can't even imagine what kind of abuse it would take to break this thing.


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