RecoverFun Blood Flow Restriction Training Air Cuffs Review

Blood Flow Restriction Training, a.k.a. Occlusion Training is an extremely effective way to build muscle without heavy weight.

BFR Training is designed to slow down both blood flow into working muscles and, more importantly, restrict the metabolic waste products from being removed from the working muscles.

These metabolites are potent chemical signals for localized hypertrophy of the occluded muscle.

What this means in English is that you when you prevent the waste products from getting, it helps you build muscle.

There are a variety of types of BFR bands on the marketing, including elastic versions and strap versions. THIS version utilizes an air-filled cuff (exactly like a blood pressure cuff) that you pump up before your set to achieve the occlusion effect.


Learn More About the RecoverFun BFR Air Cuffs here


What do the cuffs look like?

The kit comes with several items...the two straps, a sphygmomanometer and a carrying case. The straps can be used for both arms and legs as they expand to whatever size you need.

RecoverFun Blood Flow Restriction Training Air Cuffs Review


This is what the setup looks like when you're getting prepped for a set.

RecoverFun Blood Flow Restriction Training Air Cuffs Review

When performing Occlusion Training, you want to keep the weights very light. I'm demonstrating curls with a pair of 20 lb dumbbells here. Go for higher reps and a continuous tension "pumping" type of action. The goal is to get those waste products generated and keep them in the muscle.

RecoverFun Blood Flow Restriction Training Air Cuffs Review

You can also use these on your legs.

RecoverFun Blood Flow Restriction Training Air Cuffs Review

And for your calves. I find that these inflatable cuffs wrap around the shin bones more thoroughly and give you better occlusion action than bands because of that.

RecoverFun Blood Flow Restriction Training Air Cuffs Review



Overall, I found these air cuffs to be very effective for Occlusion Training. Once you get a feel for how to set them up, they're very easy to use. They're made from high-quality materials as well.

I actually found these to be more effective than elastic-style BFR straps (they don't dig into the skin as much and they're more "objective" in terms of how much you inflate them, e.g. for arms, I do 110-120 and for legs, 160-180).

Learn more about the RecoverFun BFR Air Cuffs here...



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