Push X3 Review

The PushX3 is all about the push-up...with the goal of making it more demanding and more effective in a variety of ways.

Does it live up to it's goal?

In a word...yes.

This PushX3 is a very simple piece of training equipment....a handle with a round "cup" attached on the bottom.

PushXPro Review

Don't let the simplicity fool you, though...beyond just the simple push-up, the PushX3 offers plenty more unique training options once you start digging in to the possibilities.

And THAT, of course, is what I specialize in.

Let's get started...



Exercise #1 - The Standard Push-Up

Set your hands on the handles, round side down, then perform a normal push-up.

The Standard Push-Up

The Standard Push-Up


Exercise #2 - The Rotating-Grip Push-Up

The round bottom of the PushX3 makes it a simple matter to rotate your hands as you push yourself up. At the bottom, you should have a pronated grip (palms back), then as you push up, rotate your hands in so that your palms are facing each other. This increases the contraction of the pecs as you push up.

The Rotating-Grip Push-UpThe Rotating-Grip Push-Up


Exercise #3 - Upside Down PushX3 Push-Ups

In this exercise, you're still doing a regular push-up...however, instead of having the round side down, you've got the HANDLE down with your hands on the round side. This opens up the hands, giving a unique stimulus to the pecs.

Upsidown PushXPro Push-Ups

Upsidown PushXPro Push-Ups


Exercise #4 - Side Sliding Hand Push-Up

This exercise takes advantage of the round surface of the PushX3. Make sure you're doing this on something that allows you to slide the equipment, e.g. carpet or non-rubber floor.

Use a close grip, hands about shoulder-width apart.

Side Sliding Hand Push-Up

Come down to the bottom, holding your chest off the ground.

Side Sliding Hand Push-Up

Now slide your right hand directly out to the side. You'll need to flex your wrist over the top of the handle to maintain enough force to keep your chest off the ground.

Side Sliding Hand Push-Up

Bring your hand back in, then do a push-up, then come back down and repeat with your left arm.

Side Sliding Hand Push-Up


Exercise #5 - Straight Arm Unstable Plank

This is a very simple plank exercise. Just hold the top position for as long as you can. The instability of the PushX3 handles will make the exercise more challenging.

Straight Arm Unstable Plank


Exercise #6 - Slideouts for Abs

This is essentially the same as an Abdominal Roll-Out exercise only done sliding instead of rolling.

Slideouts for Abs

Slideouts for Abs

Slideouts for Abs

The trick here is when you come back up...

You can choose to bring both hands back up at the same time, however I find this can be a bit tough on the lower back. You have to press down into the floor hard at the same time as you're pulling backwards.

I prefer to "walk" them back, a little bit at a time, one arm at a time, while maintaining tension in the core.

Slideouts for Abs

Slideouts for Abs

Then continue all the way back to the top position.


Exercise #7 - Elevated Push-Ups

This is a simple step up in intensity from the standard push-up. It also focuses a bit more on the upper pecs.

Elevated Push-Ups

Elevated Push-Ups


Exercise #8 - Pike Handstand Push-Ups

This one targets the shoulders. I would recommend you try this one only if you're comfortable with the "normal" version of the exercise first. You need to be strong enough and balanced enough to maintain hand and body position during the exercise.

Pike Handstand Push-Ups

Pike Handstand Push-Ups


Exercise #9 - Forward Band Push-Ups

This exercise requires a bit more equipment...a training band.

This is my recommended source for training bands. (Note: Use Coupon Code "rbtfitstep" to get 10% off your purchase of a band package)

Hitch a light pair of bands to something solid then loop the other ends around your wrists.

THEN do the push-up from there. This one targets the upper chest very effectively. The backwards-pulling tension of the bands forces activation of the extreme upper fibers of the pecs while doing the exercise.

Forward Band Push-Ups

Forward Band Push-Ups

And for even greater tension, you can set your feet up on a bench to get the downward angle.

Forward Band Push-Ups

Forward Band Push-Ups


Exercise #10 - Stability Ball Push-Ups

This exercise adds even MORE instability to the push-up by setting your feet on top of a constantly-shifting ball. This places great demands on the core while you're doing the exercise.

Set your hands on the PushX3 handles then set one foot on the ball.

Then quickly set the other one on top and go from there.

Stability Ball Push-Ups


Exercise #11 - "Dome" Push-Ups for Inner Chest

This push-up variation is going to target the peak contraction position of the pecs...and yes, it will put extra tension on the inner chest aspect of the pecs (you can't ever fully isolate that area, but you CAN shift focus to it for complete development).

Set the PushX3 handles on the ground on their sides and press the handles together, forming a small dome.

Dome Push-Ups for Inner Chest

Set your hands on top of the "dome" then perform a push-up, flaring your elbows wide to the sides.

Dome Push-Ups for Inner ChestDome Push-Ups for Inner ChestDome Push-Ups for Inner Chest

As you push back up, try to force the two handles together as hard as you can. This inwards-pushing tension will focus the tension on the inner chest.


Exercise #12 - Close-Grip Push-Up Variations

To target the triceps, you can do any variety of Close-Grip push-up. This shows a neutral grip - palms facing in, which is the one I find easiest on the shoulders.

Close-Grip Push-Up Variations

You can also use a pronated grip (palms facing back).

Close-Grip Push-Up Variations

And a reverse grip.

Close-Grip Push-Up Variations

And because you can rotate the PushX3 freely, you can switch between all of these hand positions very easily.


Exercise #13 - Flared-Elbow Rolling Push-Ups for Triceps Horseshoe

I'm going to zoom in a bit for this exercise since hand position is so critical. This is a tough one and it will directly target the "horseshoe" of your triceps (especially the lateral head, which lends thickness to the arm when viewed from straight on).

Set the two handles right next to each other in a pronated (palms back) grip.

Flared-Elbow Rolling Push-Ups for Triceps Horseshoe

Now start coming down, flaring your elbows out wide to the sides. As you so, ROLL/SLIDE the PushX3 handles against each other, forcing them inwards as you do so to maintain tension.

As you come to the bottom, the handles should be approaching vertical and your forearms should be approaching horizontal.

Now use power from your triceps to push yourself back UP (this is the hard part).

This is like a bodyweight version of a Cross-Face Tricep Extension...and it's TOUGH. You can also do this one kneeling (which I would recommend starting with). I can barely get a couple of reps with legs straight on this one.


Final Thoughts:

The PushX3 is built rock-solid...the plastic is extremely durable and the handle has a nice ergonomic feel and grip to it. This thing won't break.

In terms of the purposes for which it was designed, it absolutely performs every function you need it to perform.

I really like the versatility the design offers, allowing for a number of exercises that simply aren't possible with any other piece of equipment.

As far as potential negatives go, honestly there's really nothing that stands out to me. The only thing that could be added, in my opinion (and I'm talking as a "mad scientist" here), would be a hook or solid loop on the end of the handle that you could clip a cable or band onto to really open up some more possibilities for exercises.

That being said, for increasing the intensity and stability requirements of the push-up, it performs EXACTLY as it should.

This is an excellent piece of training equipment and, because it's so affordable and portable, is definitely something I would recommend picking up, whether you train at home or at a gym.


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