Physiclo Resistance Clothing Review

Physiclo has put forward a unique concept in workout clothing...integrated-resistance workout clothing.

What this means is that the workout shorts or leggings you're wearing are actually designed to provide additional band-based resistance to your every movement.

The concept is fantastic...having "on board" resistance during a workout would mean your muscles are getting constant loading, which burns more calories and provides substantial training benefits to the muscles of the hip area (specifically the glutes, hamstrings).

Physiclo Resistance Clothing Review

The question is...does Physiclo workout clothing live up to these potential benefits?



The Key Lies in the Internal Bands

This picture shows the shorts turned inside out. The internal bands attach on the waistband then cross your lower abdominal area, attaching down near the lower thigh. The angle of the bands provides the resistance.


Physiclo Resistance Clothing Review - Bands


As with all band training, you'll get more resistance as the bands stretch more, so the key to getting the most out of this type of clothing is to use them during MOVEMENT training, not necessarily "normal" weight training where you're maintaining a standing or lying position. These things need movement to work.


The Bottom Line

I tested the shorts during various types of athletic training...hill sprints, jumping, loaded carries, etc. and found them to be very effective.

They're well constructed and won't tear or break with normal use.

The only real downside to me is that they're not super comfortable to wear, especially for men, because of where the bands cross. That being said, these aren't "lounging" shorts anyway, and you're only going to be wearing them while you're training so it's not that big of an issue....they're comfortable enough to train in just fine.

If you're interested in burning more calories or improving your athletic performance, the Physiclo shorts or leggings would definitely be something I would recommend. They live up to their promise.

Physiclo Resistance Clothing Review


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