Kensui Weight Vest Review

Training with a weight vest is awesome...let me just say that right up front.

Adding resistance to bodyweight exercise (or additional resistance to regular exercises) can be tremendously helpful in terms of progression in strength, muscle mass and even fat loss (the more weight you have to move, the more calories you burn).

The Kensui Weight Vest is one of the most unique weight vests I've had the opportunity to test out. It's plate-loadable, which makes it extremely versatile in terms of loading.

Kensui Weight Vest Review

It has it advantages and disadvantages but overall, it's a fantastic piece of equipment.

I've covered everything you need to know about the Kensui Weight Vest in my video review here.


Learn More About the Kensui Weight Vest here


Here are a few pictures of the vest close up. For the full rundown, be sure to watch the video review!

Update: Kensui has addressed the issue of sizing by offering additional straps for those with chest sizes larger than 46 inches. You can watch the video of their fix here.


Kensui Weight Vest Review

Kensui Weight Vest Review

Fully loaded with 180 lbs.

Kensui Weight Vest Review

Learn more about the Kensui Weight Vest here.



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