Intelliskin Posture Shirt Review

Does your posture suck?

Honestly, that's really the key question to ask yourself when it comes to the Intelliskin line of posture-correcting shirts. And if it're going to LOVE these shirts...

...and you're going to NEED one of these shirts.



What is the Intelliskin Shirt?

The concept behind this shirt is very simple...using strategically-placed resistance in clothing to create CONSTANT active posture correction and cuing.

I've got a full video review of the Intelliskin shirt for you here. I will also go through some of the key points below, so you can get an idea of what this shirt is all about.


The Benefits of the Intelliskin Shirt...

Intellskin shirts are much than just compression shirts or nice-looking training shirts. Here's what they can do for you...


1. Better Posture

The primary benefit of the shirt is by far the most obvious because it's what the shirt is designed for... better posture.

It's very easy for the body to slouch forward when standing relaxed. We've all experienced this and likely caught ourselves doing it.

The Intelliskin shirt actively pulls your shoulders backwards and into better alignment, so that you stand up straight. This improved posture helps ease back, neck and shoulder's the position your body is supposed to be in. Due to weakeness in our postural muscles, over time the slouching can become your constant state of being...and that leads to constant pain and discomfort.

I've also found that when I'm wearing the shirt, just sitting down at my desk working, it keeps my back and shoulders properly aligned, preventing the slouching that can often happen with extended periods of inactivity.

I can't slouch when I'm wearing this shirt. It pulls me back into position and reminds me to maintain that position, even while I'm not actively thinking about it.


2. Constant Active Alignment

When we start to get issues with our skeletal structure, we often go to the chiropractor to help re-align our bodies. There's nothing wrong with this concept. I've personally done chiropractic treatments myself.

However, one of the biggest issues with chiropractic treatment is not the treatment's what happens AFTER the treatment is done. And that is nothing.

Chiropractic is a very acute treatment, meaning it's very quickly performed and done.

When you're done with the treatment, your body has a strong tendency to return to it's normal position and posture. Granted, many chiros do recommend corrective exercises to help your body maintain that new alignment...which is ideal. However, it is very tough to get people to actually do what they're told on their own time.

This shirt addresses the issue of what happens AFTER the treatment. It keeps your body in that proper position so that it "takes" better. You create a new normal for your body position.

Honestly, the inventor of the Intelliskin shirt IS a chiropractor, who came up with this concept BECAUSE he noticed people not doing corrective exercises and their bodies just returning to the positions they were used to. He realized the need for more active and constant correction to set things right.


3. Improved Alignment During Training

The shirts that I tested out were the Foundation Crew Tee and the Foundation V Tee. The crew tee is the blue one you see above. This is what the V looks like (with a wider neck opening).

These particular shirts can be worn while training. I tested these shirts during actual workouts and found them to be very useful for making sure my limbs were in proper biomechanical position for specific exercises (especially benching press, rows, deadlifts and squats).

The constant pulling into proper posture really helps avoid bad posture habits while lifting.

Will it add pounds to your lifts? Maybe, maybe not. But it can absolutely help your training be more effective and (in the long run) less painful on your joints due to improper posture while lifting.


Who Is The Intelliskin Shirt For?

Literally everybody.

For me personally, I didn't think I had bad posture. However, I did find this shirt helped me keep even BETTER posture, especially while sitting at my desk, where I spend a lot of time each day. Slouching in my office chair was eliminated immediately. In fact, I'm wearing mine right now, as I'm writing this review.

You don't need to be an athlete to benefit from these just have to want to have better posture...and the desire to do something about it.

I would recommend these shirts to anybody, with no hesitation.

It doesn't matter if you're young, old, male, female...EVERYBODY can benefit from this shirt.

As an aside, I would say it's especially beneficial for older adults who are finding their posture is degrading due to the physical effects of aging....and, bottom line, the taller you stand, the younger you're going to look and feel and the better you're going to move.


What My Family Says...

Now, I like this product so much, I got some for my family members as well. Here's what they said:


I have found, as suggested by the manufacturer, that the shirts pull my shoulders back into proper alignment and posture, which makes me stand taller, with much improved posture.
I have also found that the shirts help in correcting imbalances between my right and left sides of my body, as the right side is stronger than the left.
I’m very pleased with the improvement in my stature and posture. As we get older, there is a strong tendency for the body to slump forward. This shirt has definitely helped counteract that. I wear mine regularly because it helps me move better and feel better.

Alex Nilsson, 83


One day, after spending hours slumped over in my office chair working at my computer, I told my husband that I SO wished that there was clothing that would help my posture…clothing that would pull my shoulders back and help keep me more upright.   I was worried that my posture was really becoming quite bad due to the amount of time I spent working at a desk.  And, I know how important posture is to overall wellbeing.

He agreed.  And one day a few weeks later, he surprised me!   He said “remember how you wished there was clothing you could wear to help improve your posture?  I found it!”

I was so excited!!   And, he’d not only found clothing that would help with my shoulders and upper back, but much more!  He found for me sportswear shorts that also aligned my lower back (which had been an issue for me for years due to a sports injury).

I was eager to try the clothing on, and instantly saw how “cute” the sports bra was!  It can be worn on its own or under anything…even work clothing.  The shorts are super well-constructed, and I was so surprised at the amount of correction they provided for me (with fantastic instructions on how to wear and adjust them to correct alignment issues).

I can confidently say that these were a fantastic investment, and I won’t hesitate to purchase other items from this company.  Very durable.  Meant to last.  And COMFORTABLE!   The clothing keeps you aligned without pain…a nice correction and a gentle reminder to keep your posture perfect!!

I’ll definitely continue resistance training to improve in that way as well, but what a difference these pieces make for me!  I highly recommend them, and this company!

Kelly Anderson


The Downsides of the Intelliskin Shirt...

While there are tremendous benefits to using this shirt, there are a few downsides you need to know about before you purchase. In my opinion, I would NOT let any of these things stop you from getting and trying the shirt, especially if you find poor posture is really negatively affecting your life.


1. Cost

There shirts are not a $20 cheapo T-shirt that you get at a department store. They range in cost from $70 to $130, depending on which version you choose.

Now, this price point may be beyond your budget for just plain "non-therapeutic" clothing...just keep in mind that this is not ordrinary clothing that sits on you and does nothing. These shirts are designed to actively align your body, fixing your posture over time.


2. Can be tough to get in and out of

These shirts are supposed to fit snugly...they need to be snug in order to grip onto your body and pull things into position. A loose-fitting shirt won't accomplish that goal

The "sports" versions of the shirts espcially are designed as compression shirts and they are definitely tight. It takes a bit of maneuvering to get in and out of these shirts.

They do have versions of the shirts that have a zipper up the front, though, making it easier to get these on and off (called the "Foundation Recovery Zip").



I'll be blunt. If your posture sucks, you need to get one of these shirts. It's as simple as that.

They work and they work ALL THE TIME.

By constantly correcting and cuing proper posture, you realign the bones and connective tissue in your body over time and you WILL improve your posture (and any alignment-related injuries).

The Intelliskin shirt gets my highest recommendation.

Even if you don't get one yourself, if you know somebody who could benefit from this shirt, I would absolutely encourage you to share this page with them. They will thank you for it.


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