Frog Wedge Glute Training Equipment Review

There's a lot more to building a bigger, better butt than simply doing squats or lunges.

Working the gluteus maximus muscle is only part of the equation. For complete glute development, you need to also work the gluteus medius and minimus muscles. They're smaller but still very important!

Frog Wedge Glute Training Equipment Review

That's where the Frog Wedge comes's a unique and very simple piece of equipment designed to help you work the gluteus medius (and minimus) in addition to the gluteus maximus while doing a "frog pump" exercise, which is basically hip bridge/hip thrust type of exercise with the knees splayed out to the sides and feet together.


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What is the Frog Wedge?

The Frog Wedge is a small piece of molded, high-density rubber.

Frog Wedge Glute Training Equipment Review

It's shaped so that you can set your feet flat on the surface which then perfectly angles your knees out to the sides at about 45 degrees. This is hip rotation/abduction, which puts the gluteus medius muscles in the perfect position to activate.

Frog Wedge Glute Training Equipment Review


How do you use the Frog Wedge?

It's very set it on the floor with the logo pointing away from you. This puts the bigger end away from you. The balls of your feet should be in the "bent" part.

Frog Wedge Setup

Set your feet flat on the side surfaces. This automatically puts your legs at the optimum angle.

Frog Wedge Frog Pumps

Then perform the hip extension/frog pump exercise, using the glutes to push your hips towards the ceiling.

Frog Wedge Frog Pumps Top

The Frog Wedge allows you to perform this exercise very effectively (much more so than just setting your feet together) and very easily.

You can also add extra resistance to make the exercise more challenging. This can be in the form of direct resistance like a barbell on the hips (like a barbell hip thrust), a dumbbell, or weight plates.

You can also use a "booty band" (which you can also get with the Frog Wedge) to give you directl lateral resistance on the abduction. This dramatically ramps up the tension you can put on the gluteus medius and is definitely something I'd recommend using.

It just goes around the thighs, just above the knees so that when you angle the legs, you get stretch the band.

Frog Wedge Frog Pumps With Band

The Frog Wedge works GREAT for the frog pump exercise. It's a very simple piece of equipment that pretty much is a no brainer to use. You just set it on the floor and set your feet on it and you're ready to go.

I like to use this for glute activation and as a finisher. It's not really for "heavy" training. I'd work with this in addition to squats and lunges for glute training. It'll give you great targeted training on the glutes.

You CAN also do a few other things with the Frog Wedge. I tested it as a calf block and it does work well for single-leg calf raises.

I also quite liked doing an inwards-pushing push-up on it. You just set your hands on the wedge instead of your feet.

Frog Wedge Push-Ups

The angle of the Frog Wedge forces you to push inwards instead of upwards, which really lights up the pecs.

Frog Wedge Push-Ups


The Bottom Line

Overall, the Frog Wedge really is exactly as advertised. It's designed to help you better target the gluteus maximus and medius muscles in the frog pump exercise.

And because of how tough it can be for some people to really activate and feel their glutes working, this is a great piece of equipment for making glute activation a no-brainer.

You can use it at home and it's compact enough to bring to the gym with you.


There aren't any real negatives to the Frog Wedge.

It's made of very durable, high-density rubber and is has no moving parts so there's really nothing to break. It's going to last you a very long time.

It grips well on just about any surface that you'd be likely to set it on to perform the exercise (so there's no sliding) and it perfectly angles the legs to make the glutes activate strongly.

If you want to build a better butt, this is a piece of equipment I would definitely recommend.

Learn more about the Frog Wedge here.

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