EZ Grips Review

Fat Bar training is one of the best ways to develop the grip and forearms, along with maximizing bicep contraction.

However, what do you do if you can't use a straight bar due to wrist issues? Are you out of luck?

You are not...you can use these...

EZ Grips Review

These are called EZ Grips and are snap-on handles that convert your straight bar into an EZ curl bar.

I've got full info and instructions on how to use them in the video review here...



How Do EZ Grips Work?

The concept behind these grips is very simple...they snap onto a regular straight bar in order to thicken the grip on the bar. The angle of the handles creates a similar feel to an EZ Curl bar.

How Do EZ Grips Work

This is a very similar concept to the Fat Gripz that I've reviewed here previously, in terms of increasing the thickness of the bar without having to buy a fat bar.


Do EZ Grips Work?

They absolutely are effective for creating a fat bar effect, which is excellent for grip strength and forearm development.

EZ Grips are also effective at changing the angle of the hands on the bar, which can help reduce wrist stress during a barbell curl.

Using fat handles on a straight bar can actually increase the torque on the wrists. This piece of equipment alleviates that.

Here's what a curl with the EZ Grips looks like.

EZ Grips Curl

EZ Grips Curl

EZ Grips Curl

You can also use these for Lying Tricep Extensions (not pictured) or for a unique version of barbell bench press.

In this case, the angled grips elevate the pinky sides of your hands, helping you keep tension on the pecs as you're pressing.

EZ Grips Press

EZ Grips Press


Are There Any Cons to the EZ Grips?

There are a few things to be aware of with the EZ Grips.

1. They can be a bit tricky to put onto the bar the first time you use them. Since each piece is identical, you'll need to have the seams facing in opposite directions in order to get opposite angles.

2. Because of this opposing direction issue, one hand is going to be gripping directly on top of a gap rather than on the grip itself. It's not a dealbreaker, but it's not as solid of a grip. You'll need to make sure the handles are exactly opposite to each other so that the angles are directly opposite as well.

3. The rubber handles are very smooth. If your hands get sweaty, it will make the grips a bit more challenging to grip onto.


Are They Worth Getting?

That answer will depend completely on how much you want (or need) to do fat handle training with an angled grip. If you have issues with straight bar curls and/or fat grip curls with a straight bar, these are worth trying.

They're solid rubber and very durable...one pair will last you however long you want to use them for.

Overall, it's a nice concept and whether or not these are worth getting will be up to you in terms of how much you use you think you'll get out of them (for example, if you curl a lot, this might be a great option for you...if you don't, they wouldn't be).


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