EROS Bodyfat Smart Scale Review

The EROS Smart Scale from Inevifit is designed to help you easily track a variety of health and fitness factors, including weight, bodyfat, lean muscle mass, body water and much more.

EROS Bodyfat Smart Scale Review

Earlier generations of bodyfat scales were very limited in their scope...and their accuracy.

I went into this review with a healthy dose of skepticism...I tried a variety of bodyfat scales and none of them gave my anywhere near accurate results.

The EROS scale is one I was very impressed with. Not only is it accurate and consistent in the results it delivers, it makes tracking your numbers via their app super literally just have to have your phone close by when you stand on the scale and it does everything else for you.

Here's what it tracks...

EROS Bodyfat Smart Scale Review - Features

I've got my full video review (including a demo of it in action) here.



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