DMoose Wrist Wraps Review

Wrist wraps are a useful piece of equipment for supporting the wrist when doing heavy pressing.

They should only be used when pressing over 80% of your 1RM so that you're not relying on them too much and so that you're still building strength in the joints and connective tissue of the wrist.

DMoose Wrist Wraps

DMoose has created a well-constructed, durable and effective pair of wrist wraps that can help you with wrist support for pressing (bench press, incline press and shoulder press).

I'm using the 18 inch wraps in the review here.


Learn More About the DMoose Wrist Wraps Here


DMoose Wrist Wraps

Hook your thumb in the little loop then wrap it around your wrists...not so tight that you limit circulation but tight enough for support.

DMoose Wrist Wraps

DMoose Wrist Wraps

I like using wrist wraps for heavy partials for wrist support.

DMoose Wrist Wraps


Learn more about the DMoose Wrist Wraps and get yours here.



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